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Financial education is essential in order to know how to manage your money. By taking control of your money, you will have more head space to focus on what really matters in life.

So the sooner you start investing in a financial education, the more financially intelligent you’ll be in your adult years. With the money part in control, you won’t have to worry about ever ending up on the streets, losing all your money to fees or not having money for emergencies.

The best part; by starting in your 20s you will take advantage of the huge power of compound interest . 40,000 Naira per month invested starting at 25 will turn into 72,40000 Naira when you’re 60. Use that power.

Contrary to all the stuff you see on the media, investing is not complicated and it’s easy to understand. You start with a budget, then you learn how to save, then you learn how to make money and finally you learn how to invest. With that covered, you can focus on investing in yourself through your career and life.


Yes I realise this phrase is also pretty vague. But what I mean is that be open to grow your personal life in as many ways as possible. It’s essential to also grow in your career, but to maximise this even more you also need to learn about yourself.

To be able to invest more in yourself you’ll need to know what to invest in. You’ll need to understand who you are, what you like doing and what you’re best at. You could call this personal exploration.

It is a bit vague, and honestly it does depend on every person; every person needs different things to grow. Here are some ideas:

* Reading the right books

* Attending interesting conferences

* Travelling and working abroad

* Finding a mentor/career coach

* Doing Life Design interviews

* Listening to interesting podcasts

* Taking up new hobbies every now and then

* Doing exercise

Growing personally will allow you to grow financially and through your career. So do not ignore the wishy washy part of investing in yourself which is to ‘know thyself’ .

do you really know yourself?


It’s always great to know that you’ll always be able to make money . This comes naturally to those who have been in their career for longer and who have the right contacts, but how can a young 20 something do this?

There are certain skills that you can build which won’t take too long that you can use when the going gets rough or when you need to diversify your skill set. Most of these can be done on a laptop i.e. working from home, and will be very useful in the future when tech will be an even more prominent part of our lives. Here are 6 examples of meta skills:

1. Translation

2. Teaching

3. Programming

4. Digital marketing

5. Design

6. Writing

In my opinion, just by mastering 2 of those skills and learning how to pitch to clients, you can get a pretty good return. These are also skills that can be learnt through online courses and with practice. This investment in yourself can give you an immediate return when you’ll need it most, but also a return later on, when you may find yourself in need of these more practical skills. Never hurts to try .

When you understand the importance of investing in yourself early on and how it can pretty much change your future life, everything you do in current life changes. You realise the huge amount of power you currently have, just by focusing on learning as much as you can now. Your twenties are special years, you’re constantly learning something new about the world and about yourself. These are the years where you can learn a lot, make a lot of mistakes and gain a lot of ground career and personality wise. So why not start now?

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