Beware of scammers

There are people who were just born criminals. I jam them today o.
I was busy discussing business with one aunty like that, my phone just vibrated. I guessed it was a message, the first thing that came to my mind was alert, cos I was expecting money from someone. I never bothered to check the message immediately since I was having a discussion.
It wasn’t up to ten seconds, my phone rang. I picked, thinking the call was from one of the agents I’m working with.
Hello!, good afternoon, I greeted. Good afternoon, how are you doing? I’m fine, thank you sir, I responded.
This is Mr …….(I’ve even forgotten the name he mentioned) from Eco Bank.
Eco Bank will never ask you for your pin or BVN number. Don’t give anybody any sensitive information about your account. We are here to serve you better.
Are you with me? Yes Sir, I’m getting you. He continued; So, the message we sent you now, check the code, it is going to come in three times. We are doing system upgrading and we need the code to continue with upgrading your account.
Remember, don’t ever send your pin or BVN number to anyone, Eco Bank can’t ask you for such.
Hmmmm, nothing dead body go see for inside grave.
I was just listening to the guy and was imagining how I was going to give him a befitting reply.
Just call the number for me, he said.
You said you’re from Eco Bank right? Well, I’m not sending you any code Oga, so just end the call.
Wait wait wait, is like you are Igbo. Yes I’m proudly one, I said. Okay, Mr Mike!, he called out to his colleague. Maybe your Igbo person can explain better to you. Mr Mike come please, come and speak to her yourself.
Mr Mike collected phone o, and started asking me “nwanne kedu?, a na emekwa, ahia o na-agakwa…as if I told him I’m a market woman.
He tried to explain the whole whatever to me, I just didn’t want to hear again. What na, I be pikin? You wan scam me in broad daylight?
I was just tired of listening to the whole thing coupled with the fact that I was discussing with someone. The woman self was already giving me signs to finish up with the call.
See eh, Uncle… To make this thing easier for the both of us, stop wasting your time and airtime. I won’t send any code to you, I’m not a child. You said you’re from Eco Bank right? Don’t worry, I’ll personally go to Eco Bank and do the upgrading myself. Uncle immediately ended call o .
Mehn, they have come up with another tactics.
Just three days ago someone tried to hack my WhatsApp. I got a message from WhatsApp sending me code, in few seconds an international number called me, although I didn’t pick but I guessed it was for the code. Nigerians using IPhone to get international numbers and be scamming people upandan. Una well done o.
You see this 2021, if them send una to me… Tell them say una no see me o, because i no dey.
My people, shine your eyes, maka ndi scam.
It’s your favourite writer
~ Monica Ama
Monicas Library

Published by Ernest I.

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