Reason of calling Manchester United a Red Devil, the nickname was drived as a result of this event

Why is Manchester United called The Red Devils? Check out the event that led to the nickname

Manchester United FC is usually shortened as Man United/Utd or simply Man U. The Football Club is based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. The English professional football club was established in 1878 (but was referred to as Newton Heath LYR FC as at the time of establishment). The name Manchester United was introduced in 1902

The football club is nicknamed “the Red Devils”. Manchester United was previously nicknamed “The Heathens”. This was due to the fact that the FC came from Newton Heath and they were also the first club to ever played on Sunday.

In the 1930s, Salford, English Rugby Club voyaged to France, putting on red shirts and were referred to as “The Red Devils”. The name sounded well to Busby and he felt the name could intimidate their opponents. Manchester United along the way decided to change their nickname from “The Heathen” to “The Red Devils”. They had the same belief as Salford. They believed “The Red Devils” sounded intimidating. The club officially acknowledged Red Devils as their nickname. Since then they sold their wares with devils’ logos on.

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