Men see 7 things you need to do to make a woman love you forever

Men are and should always be the head and pillar of the family. They need to be moved and at the same time respected. Nevertheless, the women too should not be left out because they need to be shown the following too.

1. Women love it when they are cherished by their man and provided with all their needs at the time when they need it.

2. Women don’t like it when they are being cheated on. They feel betrayed. They also don’t like it when their husband takes in a new wife.

3. Appropriate respect should as well be given to women too, always.

4. Man helping women in the kitchen too, they love it so much.

5. Giving women attention is what they love and respect to see in every man they are in a relationship with. So men should give them attention too.

6. We know love is always included. Women loves it when they are shown love by their man. Infact, it is believed that the man’s love to her should even be greater than the woman’s own to him.

7. Make sure you lavish money on your woman too. Women likes to look good all the time, and this is not possible except with the help of money.

Note: The picture used above is for illustration purpose and not to violate the laws of the platform.

Feel free to add your own too of you think there are some we forgot to mention.

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Ladies, with all these I’ve mentioned above, am I communicating? Should we tell them what ladies are going through?

Published by Ernest I.

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