See 10 ways to make money

Hey guys today we’ll be looking at 10 known ways to make money instantly.

10) Loan apps: I know you’re wondering what loan apps have to do with anything but infact they have a lot to do with this topic. Many of you know how loan apps work right? I’m sure you do. Well ,we’ll be talking about how you can use loan apps to make real cash.With as low as 5,000 naira you make cash.



Make sure you have as little as 5,000 naira in your account then try out loan apps, like carbon(paylater), Fair money,palm credit, get cash, 9ja Cash e.t.c

Step 2

Ask someone for a substantial amount of money and add an interest to the amount of money you’ll payback e.g; 2%, 5% e.t.c

9) start a YouTube channel.

Steps to create a YouTube channel.

Step 1 make a gmail account.

Step 2 sign into YouTube.

Step 3 tap your profile picture on YouTube.

Step 4 tap my channel.

Step 5 press create.

Step 6 tap manage my accounts.

Step 7 tap your profile on your gmail settings.

Step 8 choose a picture from gallery. Note: only if you have 1000 subscribers and 30,000 views can you monetize your YouTube channel.

8) start a blog.

Many people have made money through blogs, so that’s a sure way to make money

7) make a Vlog.

Vlogs are just like YouTube channels and just like YouTube channels people get access to cash easily

6) work for an online newspaper like newsopera.

5) you can be an online marketer.

4) you can be an affiliate to companies.

3) you can get an online gaming job

2) you can be an assistant.

1) you can be a property manager.

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