See these 22 tools for wealth creation

Times are changing so rapidly daily to a point that before you complete your circle of thoughts, it’s already out in the air awaiting reception from all and sundry. God the giver of everything is giving free information to humanity willing to seek knowledge.

Anytime the word WEALTH is mentioned, many pictures come to mind, this is because we think in pictures. Your inner mind sees what you imagine. When you say car, you will see Camry, when you say Jeep, you see Cherokee. Now when you hear wealth, you think abundance, you see lots of money, you see affluence.

What are the steps needed to acquire the wealth that you desire online?

•     Identify what you want to do online

•     Make the necessary contact with the clients you need to do business with.

•     Get a system in place that will guarantee the income flow

Some tools you will need to generate your online income include:

•     Computer (Desktop, Palmtop, Laptop or any Smart phones with internet connection)

•     An internet connection

•     An online Bank account e.g.PayPal, Click bank, perfect money etc.

•     Domiciary Account, and normal bank account from any bank.

•     Payment cards widely accepted by companies worldwide. E.g. Visa, Master card, and or any other accepted e-payment systems.

•     Cryptocurrency and your e-wallet

With the above introduction in place, you will be a click away from making a fortune online. My experience in earning and doing business online has shown that it takes knowledge and tenacity to succeed online.

An investment of 2 hours daily could be all you need to become the newest millionaire on the block within the next six months to one full year. However, what you do online with your daily 2hours will determine what you will achieve or earn on the long run.

The online wealth can turn a poor fellow into a rich wealthy fellow! It is your responsibility to decide what you want to do with your time when online, while you can.

This is so important because a day will come when the current prevalent systems will change. A day will come when you will also lack the time to do what you know to do. The online wealth knows no barriers it revolves 24hours a day.

The opportunity to earn income even while you sleep will be available to you. Without online presence in the 21st century, your business may be heading to extinction. It will interest you to know that many years ago, a lot of businesses folded up, or packed up as a result of lack of vision for the future.

Many Typewriter companies in the 1970s are no more today because they did not see computers coming! Today Computer are the dominant word processors or office equipment.

I have systematically highlighted some businesses you can do online from the comfort of your home or from your office or even from a cyber café. Students with internet enabled smart phones can earn with their phone.

Instead of wasting your time chatting all day on WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Snap chat or any other social media platforms, you can use the same time to earn an extra income daily.

Do you know that the social media is a wealth builder when you understand how to use it.

Below are things you can do online to earn extra income…You must understand the rules governing wealth creation. To increase your income, you must create value to tap into the real things. Your ability to provide added value in whatever it is you are providing as a service or goods will determine your success.

Below is a list of services you can provide or offer to the millions of people online.

•     Online survey

•     Advertising

•     Marketing

•     Reading

•     Writing articles for companies

•     Data entry

•     Networking

•     Online shopping

•     Selling

•     Publishing

•     Business connections

•     Relationship connections

•     Dating

•     Gaming

•     Training

•     Mentoring

•     Online coaching

•     Graphic designs

•     Web design

•     Making calls

•     Customers relations

•     Blogging

•     Mining etc.

The list is endless, however, it’s entirely up to you to determine what you want to do with your time when online.

For anyone to create wealth in the 21st century Nigeria must be proactive in nature; you must think outside the box.

Online wealth is seeking those with tangible solution to everyday need. Therefore, to make money in the cyber world, you must think of adding value in any sphere of human endeavours.

The investment of your time online will create your reality offline. My advice to you today is, you must create your own reality through what you know to do.  Remember, the time to start the journey of a better life is now.

I welcome you to the arena of endless possibilities today, share with your friends, together we can end poverty. success is achievable, dont’ give up, if you fail try again.

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