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Marriage which is the joining together of husband and wife is a sweet thing when it’s based on genuine love. Some people do marriage nowadays to just give birth, so that they can reproduce. After giving birth they are done with the marriage.

Some ladies don’t even do wedding because they don’t want to be under the control of any man so they prefer becoming a baby mama.

Before a guy will get married there are a lot of things he has to put into consuderation, so that the marriage will have a solid foundation and out of those things Is the type of girl he will marry.

Below are Five characteristics of a good wife material

1. Good Planners

During dating or courtship it’s very easy to know if your girlfriend has good plans for you or not or she believes planning your life is your problem. A lady that has good Plans for your life puts pressure on you to make judicious use of your time and money on good and lasting things. She brings good ideas that can make you stand as a man and ensures she supports you towards achieving your goals and aims. This type of lady focuses more on her husbands success and not on trying to get money from other guys

2. Ladies with creative mindset

Yes, ladies with creative mindsets are extra ordinary they can turn abandoned materials into good ones. They hardly waste materials and loose hope on something that is getting spoilt and this helps a lot in preventing wastage and unnecessary spending in the house.

3. Ladies that are moderate in their dressing

Ladies that are moderate in their mode of dressing don’t place fashion above their family, they dress moderate and gives much attention to their children and husband. Ladies like this don’t like putting on extravagant or body revealing dress that starts attracting useless men to them. They put on something simple and owk.

4. The humble ones

This is one of the characteristics of ladies that is hard to keep. Although, some might try to pretend but knowingly or unknowingly they will show their true colour. Proud and arrogant ladies find it hard to say sorry when they are wrong and they hardly appreciate things you do for them. If your lady is the humble type she will end up blending well with your family but if it’s other way round she will end up having problems with the family especially those that are females.

Ladies that shows appreciation over a little thing

A lady that shows appreciation over a little thing understands your plight, she knows what you are passing through especially when you don’t have much on you. she values you and not the gift but a lady that doesn’t show appreciation because something you get for her is too small or not classy values gifts more than you and if this kind of a lady see a better man she might end up going for him.

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