Do you want a woman to love and chase you? Read this

Most men are always looking for avenues to impress women but all that matters is ways to impress that lady in your life and make her chase after you. There are many factors involved in order to become attractive to women.listing just a few I’ll set you on your way to be attractive and unresistible to women.

1. Good fashion sense- many men don’t know how important this is but,you need to dress smartly. Women are itritated by men who dress shabbily.upgrade your wardrobe and dress nice

2. Grooming- men must know how to groom themselves. Grooming entails taking care of oneselfs skin ,nail teeth etc and getting everything neat.

3. Get an haircut- this can not be overstated,you need to look sharp and get an haircut that matches your face shape in order to look good

4.Be confident -A man in his bid to master women and be overly attractive to them must be confident and get is courage right so as to walk up to women and start conversations.women are attracted to men who have self confidence

5. Be a good conversationist – know how to keep up a conversation with a women and raise topics interesting to avoid boring the woman

What do you think of this. State in the comments below.

Published by Ernest I.

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