Study these 10 habits that can help to make you stand out of the crowd

10 Habits That Can Make You Stand Out Of The Crowd

In this article we shall be taking a look at some disciplinary habits that can transform you into a distinct person amongst others.

These includes but not limited to the following.

# Taking your bath with a very cold Water every morning can help you to 

✓ develops discipline, 

✓ Increases your mental power

✓ Gradually drives away fear from your life. If you have ever taken Cold water during harmattan , you will understand me better.

# Brain Task 

When you practice simple mental math you are definitely putting your mind to task, and also you are 

✓ also forcing your mind to expand 

✓ also your IQ and memory improves

✓ you equally develops creativity and imagination

And these when combined it generally makes you smarter.

# Study and Make Research

Do you know that anytime you read a novel or listen to a story about people you’ve never met, or places you’ve never visited, 

You brain automatically and immediately starts to form mental pictures of the people and places that you have seen or been to , so as to help you understand the story. 

# Avoid stressing your brain wrongly

Yes avoid stressing your brain in a bid to remember to something you forgot .

But rather you can help your brain to remember the ‘thing’ by simply trying to remember something else like event, actions that you recently perform that bears a close resemblance of that thing you’re trying to remember.

# Avoid unnecessary argument or confrontation

Yes you must as a matter of fact avoid confronting or having argument especially an ‘unhealthy argument’ (argument that you can learn anything from).

But rather try to maintain total silence for a few minutes before you answer a question or respond to a statement. 

Yes I tell you that the asker will gradually feel frustrated, especially if it was a question was meant to trick you into saying something that will demote you.

And they eventually, direct the question to another person or better still ask another question.

# Learn to apply subtle measures atimes

Yes the best way you can downplay an argument is by pretending that your mind is preoccupied with some other things that is More important which are causing you to look sad or better still use a quickest way out of an argument which is a by pretending that your opponent is winning the argument.

Although in his or her eye it will appear that he/she have won the argument and therefore derive pleasure out of it.

But the simple truth behind you action is that you save time while your opponent will look like a fool which means that you’ve actually won the argument; 

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