See reasons why some hard working people are broke and poor

Being hardworking in today’s world means using physical strength in farming, hunting and fishing. Most hardworking people are broke and poor because of the following 5 reasons.

#1. Hardworking people usually depend more on their bones: We don’t need physical strengths but innovations inorder to create wealth or make money. We are currently in the era of brains and not the era of bones. We now do more of brainwork than hardwork. Stop depending so much on your physical strength but rather use your mental strength because the world is now about brains and not bones.

#2. Hardworking People sell a very limited Resources: Selling time for money which is usually done by hardworking people is one disastrous decision that would keep you broke and poor. The Rich sells value instead and buy time from the poor by employing them. Find your value, sell and duplicate it in millions all over the world through innovative thinking. Sell value because you can’t duplicate time but you can duplicate value.

#3. Hardwork prevents you from thinking: Thinking is the hardest job which makes it hard for most people to do. Work hard to improve your mind. Meditate more and go for self development programs. Don’t make your job the hardest.

#4. Hardwork stops you from getting financial Education: The problem about getting a job is that it keeps you from being rich. Most people that have a job doesn’t have time for financial Education. Read or listen to audio tapes about money for 30 minutes for six months and watch the wonders it will do to your life. The problem is not about the good pay in the job but the time it takes away from you in increasing your financial intelligence quotient.

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