If you want to be rich, know these 5 things

Here are some things you must avoid if you really don’t want to be poor at all in life,

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v Don’t work for money: this is very important because many people have been deceived about money, let me ask you,

Why do we work for money when it is printed continuously almost everyday?

Why do we go to college for 4 to 5 years just to be employed by a company that is owned by one ordinary one headed human?

Now my advice is this, allow your money work for you no matter how little it is.

You can work for people but don’t think like am employee.

How do employees think:

·      Some of them are satisfied with average success ‘I want to be promoted’

·      Employees settle down for little

·      They don’t have an option

Don’t pass through this life working hard to enrich someone else

v   Don’t hope on your certificate: sometimes I kind of feel that the slogan: {school na scam!!} is kind of true.

I have discovered that most of this Wealthy guys in the making were dropout, some didn’t even go to college at all yet they are still wealthy,

Being an academician is good but don’t hold your certificate in high esteem because ‘no be everybody wey go school get money’’

v Don’t be a rich fool: Success is not measured by the amount of money you have: we all know that money is needful, but it is not compulsory.

We can’t classify a wealthy foolish man as successful because success is not measured by your wealth but by your impact on other peoples life, and on your environment

you might be asking how, well take for instance a man that inherited his wealth from his parents, if he’s foolish, that wealth will melt away easily without making any impact on other peoples life.

Good wealth is characterized by stability, if you are rich today and tomorrow you become poor then you are not successful.

Give, share, love others, put smiles on other peoples face because that’s what is called real success

It is said that he who has only money in this life is the poorest of all living

v Don’t depend or trust anyone with your future: you know some people don’t really understand the principles of survival, You should never hope on anybody (human being) in a way that seems as if without that particular person you can’t survive. Well I don’t know about you but for me some of the people I trusted so dearly at the end messed me up.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t trust people, of course as humans we can’t do without trusting people, for instance, you trust your hubby(if married) that he will not cheat on you, you also trust the bank that they won’t defraud you. Yah we can’t do without trust but there should be a limit to it.

Well, that idea of ‘without him I can’t live’, ‘he’s the only hope of survival I have” should be erased out of your thinking because men really don’t worth it.

v Don’t sell your time, sell product: now what do I mean?, you work from 9 to 5 every week day and at the end of the month you get a fixed amount of money as your salary, you are not paid according to how hard you have work rather you are paid according to your time spent we all know that time is fixed, you can’t work for 25 hours in a day, it’s not possible, but you can use your 24 hours to sell an infinite number of products depending on its economic value.

When I say product, I mean anything, Ideas, paperwork, your services etc.

You don’t necessarily have to sell visible products, you can do something with your head, skill, talent etc.

You just have to shine no matter the circumstance, family background has but little to do with success.

Think, work, pray, study, research, be the best and you will be at the top.

Avoid crime because it don’t pay at all.

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