These are 17 ways to overcome debt and borrowing


1. Have a vision. A vision for the future will motivate you to have goals and save and invest with a purpose

2. Live within your means. Don’t buy things you don’t need. Focus on needs not wants

3. Have a financial plan that encourages you to save little by little, incrementally 

4. Don’t over spiritualize wealth. Wealth often comes through following good financial practices. God says He gives the power to create wealth

5. Convert the money you earn into the world’s strongest currencies (Sterling Pounds or Dollars), to gauge how you are performing globally. Be challenged

6. Always look for the best opportunities. Search for good jobs

7. Diversify your income. Have multiple revenue streams

8. Have a budget to guide you in using your money

9. Learn to say no to people when they ask for money that is not necessary. Be disciplined. Have priorities

10. If you will take a mortgage, choose the suitable one you can afford. Be practical

11. Be mindful of the company you keep. Friends can mislead you

12. Study about wealth management

13. If you have a past debt, agree on paying it bit and bit. Close that chapter soon

14. Invest in assets not liabilities

15. Avoid porn, affairs, alcohol and drugs; they waste your time, focus and money

16. Be firm with yourself. No excuses

17. Be responsible and protective of your time. You need those seconds, minutes, hours to create wealth.

Source: JosephOnaji

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