Look more attractive by these 10 ways

Gentlemen, brace yourselves because unless you are prepared to be even sexier than you already are, you might not know how to handle all the senoritas coming for your sexy ass.

Gentlemen, today, I’m going over 10 ways to be more attractive.

1. Wear the Colour Red

Gentlemen, in 2010, there was a study that showed some women a group of guys in different colours. The guys were thinking: “I look incredible in blue, in green or black”.

But what they found was that women were more attracted to men wearing red.

2. Man Spread

Gentlemen, it’s all about spreading out, when you occupy space when sitting, your posture; your legs a bit stretched out, your arms spread out, this is a symbol of dominance.

3. The Cheerleader Effect

Recent studies has shown people in groups appear more attractive than when you are just by yourself. They call this “The Cheerleader Effect”, and it makes sense.

When you see a group of cheerleaders, you are like; “Damn, oh my God, they are so amazing, so sassy, so spicy”, but when you isolate each cheerleader and really look at them, you’ll be like; “You are ok”.

It’s about the group, right? The same thing happens with your boys, you are all hanging out in a group, a spicy senorita locks eyes on this group, and all of you look more attractive.

4. Smile Slower

Journal of Non-verbal Behavior revealed that guys that let their smile reveal slower were viewed as more attractive, more trust worthy, as opposed to dudes who just flash their smiles super quick.

The take away from this is when you want to flirt with somebody, you see them across the room and you want to smile, let it happen a bit slower, which is viewed as more confident.

5. Wear Glasses

True or False? when you see a pretty woman wear glasses, she automatically goes from an 8 to like 12.5. Same thing happens to you.

It’s a fact that men that wear glasses are viewed as more attractive, more trustworthy, and smart.

6. Stop Taking Selfies

Gentlemen, Selfies are viewed as unattractive, you know what else is unattractive, shirtless pictures. Women want to know that you look good and in shape and taking care of yourself but when you try and flaunt it, it makes you look like a huge egomaniac a.k.a Douche.

7. Upgrade your Shoes

There’s a direct correlation between wearing cool shoes that seems more stylish and you looking more attractive. The truth is, women notice your shoes.

Your shoes can make or break an outfit, if your shoe sucks, even though you are wearing a killer outfit. If she sees your face, she’s like: “Oh my God, he’s handsome”, she looks down at your body, and she’s like; “He’s stylish and he works out”, but she looks down at your shoes and she’s like; “Eew”.

8. Your Walk

If you want to be perceived as more confident, sexy, more stylish, then make sure the body language you project is more confident as well.

You need to walk with a nice medium pace, your chest up, your shoulders back. If you are always looking down, and shuffling and strolling along, maybe you are looking at your phone and not making eye contact, put your phone away, head up, shoulders back, walk like you mean it and look people in the eye.

9. You Smell Incredible

But it’s not all about the smell, research as shown that when a dude applies cologne, their confidence goes up. The reason their confidence goes up is that in their head, they are thinking; “Hey, I just put on cologne, I smell, I feel sexier”.

When you feel sexier, you look sexier.

10. Volunteer

It’s all about helping people, I’m not saying you should volunteer to look sexy but its a by-product. Not only do you feel amazing, because helping other people is one of the ways to impact the way you feel, the way you view yourself and your self esteem, and when your self esteem goes up, you feel better.

The thing is, when other people see you being kind to other people, you look more attractive. Now, should you do it to look more attractive? No. Is it an interesting and sexy by-product? Yes.

Gentlemen, do any of you do any of these things I listed above? What was the effect? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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