A girl will like you if you avoid doing these 7 things around her

The initial aim of every guy is to impress a girl if he is having feelings for her. It’s normal, but the whole process can go wrong along the line if some of the relationship etiquettes are not observed. However, the following are some tips that will help in such a situation.

(1). Avoid unnecessary jokes. Don’t mistake bragging for an impression. You can do all that when you’re with your friends, but not around the girl you are having feelings for. 

(2). The eyes of a guy who doesn’t mean what he is saying looks ordinary. They don’t express any emotions. Some girls know this. So when talking to a girl, let your eyes, and the tone of your voice, all express how you feel. Don’t just look at her like a movie.

(3). Let your whole attention be at the girl whenever you are with her. I guess you do not want your crush to repeat the same thing over and over again because you didn’t hear it. Attention matters.

(4). Avoid walking away from her present with your phone if it rings. Just tell the person you will return the call, that’s all. Don’t busy calls because you’re with her, Just silent your phone. So that she will not think otherwise.

(5). Don’t lie to impress a girl. Some guys can say all sorts of things just to raise their standard for a girl so that she can like them. It’s not going to do you any good if she realizes it.

(6). It is good that you take some time to meet your crush, give her a helping hand, and have some nice conversations with her. But don’t appear every day. Have some time for yourself. 

(7). Probably you are around when the girl and her friends are talking about guys, don’t involve yourself in such discussion. If possible try to change the topic.

Forget money, just the way you behave around a girl can make her end up liking you so, always composed yourself whenever you are a girl you’re having feelings for.

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Published by Ernest I.

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