War: These are 4 reasons why Israel wins most of their wars

Israel has a small population and is a small nation. Many of the nations surrounding this tiny nation do not accept its supremacy and have sometimes been hostile to it. For this reason, the nation of Israel is always at war with its neighbors or on the verge of a significant escalation. Israel is undeniably a regional power and this has been demonstrated by its victories in several wars. Many people have come up with crazy hypotheses as to why Israel always seems to be triumphant in the wars in which they are involved. One such idea is that they are “God’s people” and should therefore not lose a fight. In this post, I’m going to show you four real reasons why the nation of Israel has won most of its battles. I am sure that you will be enlightened, amused, and persuaded by the reasons I have mentioned after reading this post.

1. A Doctrine Of Preemptive Strikes: 

Any war against Israel would pose a significant threat to its survival because of the small scale of Israel, followed by its small population. If Israel is threatened unconsciously or if they are faced with a protracted battle, two factors will make this possible. The Israelis have developed a sound strategy to avoid this including preemptive strikes followed by an intense war that ensures a definitive victory in the shortest time possible. A simply defined preemptive strike can be characterized as a surprise and unexpected assault. The Sinai campaign of 1956, the Six-day War in 1967, and the Osirak raid in 1981 are some sound examples of wars won by Israel after carrying out preemptive strikes. If the nation of Israel decides that an enemy (or a group of opponents) is about to go to war with them, they first prepare their army, including reserves, and attack.

This surprise attack is very successful as it disables much of the military hardware and equipment of their opponent; reveals all their weaknesses and puts them on the verge of a resounding defeat. One of the main reasons why the nation of Israel has won most of its wars against enemies is the policy of preemptive strikes. Preventive strikes are preemptive and pave the way for a painful defeat that makes the enemy take a long break before further hostilities are considered.

2. A Well Trained Military: Israel has developed a reputation for producing well-trained military personnel in all of its service arms because of its limited population. The Israeli army’s men and women are renowned for winning battles in conditions where either man, hardware, equipment, or aircraft are greatly outnumbered.

The rationale behind giving military personnel more than enough training is that this philosophy has a multiplier impact that is much needed by Israel because its population is limited. Getting a well-trained military has had a significant influence on the outcome of the battles Israel has been fighting since its inception. This approach has also shown that winning wars is not only about getting people, weapons, and aircraft alone, but about preparation, theory, and philosophy as well. A well-trained military is another reason why most of the wars they waged against enemies were won by Israel.

3. An Effective Intelligence Network:

Israel has the best intelligence network in the whole world as a country, arguably. They have proven to be more effective in many cases than the American CIA, the British M16, and the Russian FSB. Intelligence is the oil that lubricates the system that enables successful operations of special forces beyond the Israeli border and most importantly, in hostile countries. It is also the starlight that directs successful missions and interdictory air raids. Both of these types of operations are high-risk, both militarily and diplomatically, and may doom any nation that makes the slightest mistake. Thanks to their efficient intelligence network, Israel has been able most of the time to carry out many kinds of dangerous missions without trouble on foreign soil, and their success has been instrumental in supporting war efforts.

4. The Support Of The United States Of America: 

Since it became recognized as a country, the United States of America has gallantly stood behind the Israeli government. Israel has benefited immensely from the generous gesture of her number one ally, earning billions and billions of dollars in cash and military equipment from the United States, to back this up. Israel is currently the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. aid and was also the highest annual recipient of U.S. aid between 1976 and 2004. Other packages have also come with support from the USA, such as support from several other US allies. This has allowed the state of Israel to have the financial strength and technical support to retain one of the world’s most technologically advanced and equipped armed forces.

Some aircraft from the F-35 program is one of the new deals that Israel benefited from the United States. Several airplanes and technical assistance were provided to Israel. It is a known fact that the sovereignty of Israel would be at risk if you exclude America from the equation. Israel as a nation is regarded as participating in any possible diplomatic step to de-escalate tensions before engaging in conflicts. But they strike with might and fury when that fails.

Do you think the Middle East dynamics will shift in such a way that Israel is no longer favored? Do you think it’s only a matter of time before they start losing the bulk of their wars? Tell me what the comments make you think. If you find it interesting, also like and share this post.

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