People avoid to become rich through this most effective way

Poor attitude towards money is the reason lots of people struggle financially. They give meaningless reasons to justify their actions. People of these days only complain about how poor they are, how small their salary is or how they have been living paycheck to paycheck but avoid to take that bold step in this one thing that can make them rich. Very high number of people know about it but they are scared of doing this one thing. Taking this step exposes you to the biggest money generating machine in the world but they avoid it because they believe it’s too risky and scared of losing their money.They forget that they are not getting any younger and times are really changing and the security and big pay they seek for in their job is no more.

The only means to become rich and relaxed is by investing in the stock market. When you start early, you become richer by compounding. The best step to take is to start early and project into the long term. Do not let excuses or circumstances hold you back, do not let that situation swallow your capacity of being rich. You need to be more aggressive about it and set realistic goals to make it a reality.

It has been tested and trusted over the years to beat any form of investment and generate a good ROI. It’s been noted that only real-estate came only close to it.You can select the stocks, do a research about them, that is doing your due diligence and taking the time to study and do in-depth research technically and fundamentally and it will help you to understand certain terms in stock market and know your entry price and margin of safety and when to sell with your strategy in place. If you can’t do it, there are online classes, meetings and books that will guide you step by step to your financial freedom.

There are types and kinds of stock to invest in but watch and study carefully so you don’t lose all your money but if you find it difficult, you can talk to professionals that can help you manage your investment properly and spend your spare time to improve on yourself. I own different stocks and because of the fast growing improvements right now, my stocks are all on profit-taking for me. I bought WAPCO(Lafarge) for 10.4 but it’s now twice the share price, meaning my money has return over twice the amount l invested that is a big time profit for me.

Never rush into the market without adequate knowledge and information orelse all your long time effort and cash will be wiped out in a flash. I am still being guided by experts and consultant before I buy stocks after studying the company, l want to buy into. After putting this effort and going in, you cut down your level of risk and manage your investment to profits. Every day people are getting rich also people are losing money but what they know and how they act on it is their key difference. Why you spend and invest your leisure time researching and planning on what to invest in and you delve into it, you become wealthy on the long run. The stock market seems to be generating the highest number of millionaires and billionaires daily because that is where wealth is hidden. Thid is one of the places your money work and pay you while you sleep and wealth is transferred to you on the long period.


Buffet started buying stock at an early age and today he’s among the wealthiest men in the world. I know of a friend that bought little by little with the #50,000naira he was collecting and was able to invest a small penny monthly for many years and never checked it till he lost his job and went to sell his shares and today he’s a millionaire. Buying into investment is preserving the future you desire to have. 

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