8 Ways to attract customers to your business place

Attract customers through this ways

Very quickly; in this post I will show you how to get people’s attention to buy your product, after you have gotten them to take a look.

Now, moving on.

How do you get someone to buy something?

Simple, by making them an offer they can’t


This is why when a restaurant owner says: ‘’you get 2 extra meat for every meal you

buy before 4 pm today’’ or ‘’200 naira airtime for every item you buy from us’’it makes people want to go in and buy.

Therefore, to get more of your interested prospect to buy – you need to know how to make the perfect offer.

Here you go:

The other day I saw a post somewhere where someone was referring to a good offer as “offering an iPhone 6 for 70,000 naira”.

It’s a good offer; sure….but is it a good offer for you as a business person?

You can only make an offer like that only if you had either stolen the phone or if the phone is damaged.

The question now is “how do you make a real life offer that will be good to

you and still be mouth-watering to your customers?”

There is a step to developing one.

I call it “The 8 Step Offer Gun”

1. First you need to point blank tell them what they are getting.

2. Show them how awesome that stuff they are getting is.

3. Go further and throw in a bonus.

4. After that, tell them the price.

5. Tell them why that price is nothing compared to what they are getting. Plus why you are making such a good offer in the first place (or they will run).

6. Give them a damn good guarantee.

7. Show them why it is not risky to do business with you.

8: Hit them with scarcity

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