Start these 16 businesses to make your money

Now, in this article, I want to share with you a list of businesses I have not known about so far. But there may be some companies you know about before that you have never heard of or met.

    Be aware that any company you want to start reading here in this article requires determination, courage, trust or confidence, hard work, care, careful planning and dedication. kidney

    Here are some businesses you may want to know before starting a business in what you want to start:

    1. Business Opportunity Chart: You may not know this option. This is what some of the best companies in home appliances like Vital Foam, Mouka Foams and others offer. They take this attractive opportunity because every body needs foam or cushioning in hotel schools, weddings or newborn babies.

    This is hot as it is cost effective. The only thing you can do to make money is become a mattress distributor or manufacturer. As a manufacturer of foam mattresses, I mean you should buy colorless mattresses of different sizes made by high priced companies at affordable prices.

    Then buy good coloring pages according to what your child likes best. Then you can call a tailor or a good stylist for a proven price for you. Then bring it to the famous market of your store and sell it. I saw this while walking, for something I wanted to buy on Ekoteo Street in Dugbe.

    2. Local T-Shirts Business Opportunity: If you visit the famous Ogunpa Street Market, you will see what Dugbe, the wholesalers of full t-shirts, are all about. They are silent millionaires. Aba or Lagos is cheaper to buy in the rest of the state and sold as a distributor or retailer. Many middle and lower class people are given this opportunity for daily personal use in the country.

    Sometimes others go to the Ogunpa market or the Eco idumato market (where they are imported) and buy them at a low price according to the preferences of customers in many countries and sell them in their own country. There you become a distributor, distributor or manufacturer of wholesale t-shirts, if you wish.

    For example, as the author of t-shirts, is buying ingredients for playground t-shirts in Aba or Lagos. Then call the famous seamstress who can do it in time. Then take it and sell it to local t-shirt sellers in the popular market and enrich it if you like your product.

    He is the boxer I am showing you now. This is the secret I am telling you now. Either you can become a freelance tailor to produce t-shirts or you can hire a full-time tailor for your business if you have the funds.

    3. Aba market opportunity: by making a big return, you can become a silent millionaire if you join this company as a boxer and / or shirt / or distributor or backpack. Some traders who can not go to Abara and buy wholesale wholesale for free can look to see if you are claiming your business as a top distributor of Aba manufacturers and hoping to buy more.

    This opportunity is very convenient. You do not have to go there. You can ask Aba about your company and they will send a truck driver to take care of them so they know your location after negotiating the deal. You need to have a syndicate to help you with shipping costs. You will only pay the shipping fee.

    4. POS business opportunity: I did not know at first because I thought it was only for banking companies until I first read it on Whatsapp. With that, I realized how profitable this business is. I know how banks make money from POS businesses through ATMs that many customers use to touch them.

    If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, make sure the banks in which you live are not large. It can be offered to supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, malls or anywhere else you can be. It’s very helpful because I’m charged the number 150 for leaving the POS bank ATM machine.

    What a beautiful thing! Make lots of money by charging N150 or N200 customers for day shipping to your POS business. Go to any bank of your choice and register.

    5. Business opportunities of mobile accessories. Did you know that Listen But while doing research, I know that business is hot because many young people and the middle class or others in this class spend money on portable devices like USB cables, headphones, chargers. , safety screen, cable. For daily use with HDMI, USB drive, cable car, power bank, modem, etc.

    One of the biggest advantages you can get from your property is buying and selling as a distributor or importer. You can get it fast every day if it is cheaper. In the village of Apata, a man I bought packaged for my personal use was very wealthy for a young woman who was good to most.

    I do not know where to get quality mobile device. In my opinion, it was Aliexpress that chose the telephone and telecommunications business. The lowest price should not be lost.

    5. Ochra Business Opportunity: For octopuses, used clothing means used clothes or widely used shoes. Do you know why smart traders in Ibo prefer African trading? Do you know why most of the lower / middle class customers prefer Okrika clothes and shoes in Boutique? If you go to La-fayette Advans or Dugbe Challenge, you will know how hot the business is.

    Okrika can make you rich if you walk like an entrepreneur. If you wish, you can buy imported clothing or ocher colored shoes from Lagos, Aba, Onitsha, Anakara, Badagry and Cotonous Tin Can Island. Examination of women’s clothing and accessories as an importer. Eager to ignore this cheaper offer

    6. Business Opportunities in Consumer Electronics: If you love this business and want to make money, you can do it as a leading distributor or wholesaler in the market. Ogunpa School and see how profitable it is. when we visit them. they are packed with popular electronics or consumer electronics.

    Why Consumers need entertainment, new offices, weddings, (new business), new steps, kitchen, broken appliances. So you need financial strength to do great business.

    7. Business or vehicle parts business opportunity: I was surprised at how I made my living by buying and selling imported engine parts as a seller because he said you would buy a good car to use. workers. He has an apartment on the Oluyole estate, Ring-Road.

    Where do you get the money to buy a car, to rent a good apartment because you plan to get married soon? He is younger than me. It’s near! If you know where to get vehicle parts and accessories, you can quickly register this business, as most motorcycle customers prefer spare parts or accessories to imported vehicles.

    8. Beauty and health business opportunities: Most clients prefer to spend money on beauty / health products like lotion, lotion, makeup, toothpaste, perfume and more. even this. For personal daily use. See health and beauty products online as an example. Deliver beauty and health products to both women and men. This can make you rich as a big or small distributor or as a wholesaler in this business.

    9. Automated Auction Business Opportunity: It is called Tokunbo or used car or damaged car. Even if you are not a car salesman, you can get a great fortune if you are interested in this option. You can do this either as a vehicle importer or as an international contractor. You can buy, repair and resell damaged vehicles from the US or Canada. Or you can buy and sell used cars at a lower rate and resell at a gross profit.

    10. Digital marketing opportunity: You may not be aware of business opportunities for digital marketing. Some smart digital operators make a lot of money through online business. They sell web design, programming, software development, domain registration, web hosting, mobile app applications, wholesale sms, brand electronic design, online consulting, training / seminars, traffic software and more. Something called digital commerce. This is so hot. You can make a profit every day if you choose any type of digital market and focus on it.

    11. Choosing an online service or choosing an online service: Many people access the Internet from their phones. However, did you know that you make money every day by selling your monthly subscription details? Did you know that by selling Jamb apps, etc., you can make good profits every month. in your online coffee service? Then you should have a good system, ISP and printer.

    12. Capitalist operating opportunities: Most capitalists share profits every month or year through investments in existing businesses. If you are a real capitalist, you can look for opportunities where school institutions, FMCG companies and technology companies offer investment opportunities for all sheets. newspaper readers and invest in your business for profit sharing.

    But do it yourself with careful research. You need to know the language of financial statements and understand your product or service to share your profits before investing in millions of businesses. You need to negotiate well with them. You need to have a lawyer and an accountant to protect your capital.

    13. ABC Transportation Business Opportunity: Most passengers require escort or flight services. They need a daily transfer. This allows you to participate either as an investor or as a transportation agent. It can make you rich

    This is why corporate companies want to offer free shipping loans or invest in merchandise. I can not explain how profitable this business is. See for yourself. Don’t be afraid to find out if they are hotter than cities with traffic features before you get inside.

    14. Wholesale Distributor Business Opportunity: Are You Retired? You graduated but are still unemployed? Are you thinking about your business instead of looking for one? You want to trade money every day? This company is best for you. Beer, soft drinks, food processing, raw materials, food, cosmetics / beauty products, cleaning products and soaps, etc. You can become a successful salesperson of your choice.

    15. Client Business Opportunity: One of my commission custodians sells the money I earn each month to tenants or their land on a daily basis, and still sells the commission on the land. their investors. They recruit agents from all cities. Real estate attorneys go to court if they are stubborn or are cheating their owners. They are very rich because they have many owners working in the city.

    16. Creating business opportunities: Aliko Dangot said he does not trade. Choose products for which consumers want to spend money every day and produce at a high level with the lowest price.

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