Investment: These 6 assets will bring in money even while you are sleeping

When you start Approaching 30 you slowly being to sense responsibilities setting in. Then you being to see reasons to be financially free. You start sensing the need to invest in the future.

However, with the urge to invest comes with the need to have the knowledge on what to invest in. Therefore, when you start approaching 32 there are systematic investment that needs to be done.

As such below are the investment that anybody who is approaching 32 should go into because this can change the life of anybody that goes into any of these investment.

1.    Real Estate

Real estate comes with many other investments. it involves buying rental property. The property can be put up for rent and this can bring steady income even while you are asleep. Also, you can buy landed property. This is another form of investment that can be bringing steady income. All you need to do is to allow it develop and then you sell it at the appropriate time.

2.    Intellectual Property

This involves writing books and doing things that involves using your brain and the knowledge that you have. Intellectual property can mean receiving royalties from the books that you have written.

For example, Robert Kiyosaki in 1995 created a cash flow game that that him very rich. He created this game board card for as long as 30 years and he is still receiving royalties from it. Therefore, if you want to make money even while you are asleep then start considering making money through having intellectual property. This will open doors for you.

3.    Precious Metal

This happens in a advance country where people can invest in precious metal like diamond, silver and other things. Down here in Nigeria and in other country there isn’t any such investment but there is nothing wrong in going into such investment. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in investing in another country, because precious metal is a very go investment to considered.

4.    Paper Assets

Paper Assets includes bonds, stocks and share. This may not give you money all of a sudden as it takes time. However, the success achieve from this can be astronomical.

Many may say that this is not realistic in Nigeria, as the Nigeria Stock market has been dormant for a long time. However, it should be noted that many people have still invested in the market and have made much money from it.

5.    Starting A Business

There is no investment that is better than starting a business. this is the best and easiest way of making money. Start a business and then build a system that can function even while you are away for 1 or 2 years.

If you can successfully build a business with a good system, then you can be able to earn from it even while you are asleep. This is the secret of the most successful people in the world.

6.    Build A Business with Franchise

Building a business with making it a franchise. A franchise is when a business sells it copy right property to as many as possible who are willing to adapt the business setting of the founder. A good example of business franchise is Mc Donald’s or Mr Biggs. This are both business franchise that makes you make money while in sleep.

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