See two business opportunities

Many people in this country are looking for business that is not common that they can start that will fetch them enough money, these two business looked untapped in Nigeria and you can go for it.

1. Food Truck/Container Business

Food container business is an untapped business idea in Nigeria, a lot of people don’t have time to cook or to go out to buy foods because they are busy with their works, if you can start this food container business it is going to solve many people’s problem. You can start the business by going around with already cooked food in your container to sell the different types of food for them in their various place of works. You can cook food like rice, indomie, yam, Beans and many other foods that people like to eat and sell it for them.

1. Waste & Sanitation Management is another untapped business in Nigeria, around 11 billions of waste is being collect around the world, and it is a very high revenue of about $410 billion, you can also start the business in Nigeria by collecting and recycling waste that you collect peoples houses is limitless.

Due to awareness of hygiene, everyone wants a clean environment, but nobody wants to clean the dirt. You can start this untapped business and start making a lot of money.

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