Blogging: With this information you can blog easily and make your money

Many people are having problems on their blog because they don’t know what article to publish, probably because they are out of ideas. This as been the problem of many bloggers thereby causing them not to progress in their blogging career(stagnant- followers and views).


That is why in this article i will give some ideas on how to progress in your blogging career;

1. Experience

  It is said that experience is the best teacher. Experience is events that we witnessed or collection of past knowledge. Publishing your life experience on your blog is a very good way to gain followers. People are always attracted to life experience because they learn from it. For example you made a mistake in the past, it means you experience a mistake when you tell people people about it by publishing it on your blog no one would want to make the same mistake you made. This can gain you followers.

2. Publishing of creative thinking

3. Publishing of latest news update, latest celebrities stories e.t.c  

People like to keep up to date with current news and also celebrities stories. So it is also a good way of gaining more followers on your blog.

4. Publishing your opinion, ideas and decision of latest stories and event

You know posting your opinion about a current event is sure a good way to get followers. Posting your opinion about something will surely bring a competition because you must surely have opposers. A lot of people love competitions mostly in the sector of politics. This is a big avenue to gain followers.

5. Lastly is the audience; the audience in this blogging situation is important. The audience are followers or the people who likes, shares and comment about a blogger article. The audience is the goal of every blogger so to be able to get them you have to ask yourself this few questions and then answer it;

– Who are the audience?

– What are the audience interest?

– How to gain the audience with their interest?

 I assure you if you are able to answer this questions you are good to go.

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