Guys use these 6 psychological tricks to get a girl to chase you

I’m about to share 6 psychological tricks to get a girl to chase you, promise me you are not going to use this for evil. If you agree, then let’s do this.

1. Put her in the Friend Zone

There’s nothing worse than being put in the friend zone, even if you are not into the girl, you still want her to be attracted to you.

The friend zone basically means the person doesn’t find you sexually appealing. Pretty girls however, are never put on the friend zone because every dude she knows wants to jump her bones!

But if you can resist the urge to tell her how pretty she is, how amazing she is, and you can flirt and you are not like; awkward and weird, because this is what every other dude does, instead you act normal and treat her like one of your guy friends, this going to drive her crazy.

Because she’ll have a difficult time wrapping her beautiful brain around the fact that there’s a straight dude who doesn’t want to hump her leg.

But do not let her hump your leg, not yet, you’ve got to make her work, build it up a little bit. Which brings us to the next step…

2. Let her Chase you a Little Bit

Ask her about her cute friend: “Hey Jennifer, how are you doing? How’s your weekend? So, tell me about your cute friend Brenda.”

Suddenly, Jennifer’s head starts spinning and she’s like: “Wait a minute, Brenda is never the one who gets the attention, I am! I’m the hot one! Brenda is just average, maybe a 6 but I’m a solid 9 1/2.

She can’t understand why you’ll be interested in her less than hot friend. Ready for her brain to explode? Just say this: “There’s just something about Brenda”.

She might get mad but gentlemen, calm yourself, Jennifer will go to Brenda and be like; “You know whose asking about you? Steve.” Brenda will be like; “What?”

Brenda, hearing the news that you think she’s something, she’s not sure what, because you didn’t exactly say, because of the psychological warfare going on.

She freaks out because you are totally out of her league in her mind. Brenda is going to be blowing up your phone, sliding into your DMs, because she’s like; “I’m not gonna miss out on this opportunity”.

Whether you hook up with Brenda is up to you, I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t, just know that if you do, it’s going to get back to Jennifer and she’s probably not going to sleep with you.

If you sleep with Brenda, Jennifer will be like; “I’m not going to be the second choice after Brenda”.

3. Reinvent Yourself Physically

What I’m talking about is giving yourself a mini makeover. Go get yourself a fresh haircut, get a new make sense jacket, some dynamite jeans, some nice shoes.

Embracing and channeling your inner fine boy. It may be that you have a solid 5-year plan and you are going to be successful which we will talk about next, because right now, you need to be a bad decision because women don’t chase nice guys.

They chase guys that look mysterious, dark, edgy, and sexy.

4. Look More Exciting on Social Media

Two types of dudes on social media that don’t get chased; douches and dudes that look boring on social media. You need to make sure the pictures you post don’t make you look like a douche.

You also need to look more exciting. To look more exciting, chances are you need to step out of your comfort zone and do different things.

You can post on IG something like: “Going to the game”, “Having a good time”. It just makes you look like you do things that are more exciting and this makes you look attractive.

5. Be More Successful

There’s a correlation between success and attraction. I’m not saying you have to make billions of dollars, I’m not saying you have drive a Bugatti.

But if you are someone who sits on the couch playing videogames versus someone going to school, working a second job. If you are not afraid of hard work, you are out there, making it happen, this is attractive.

Majority of youths out there are viewed as lazy little boys.

6. Let her Catch you Looking at Her

Now, you are done with games and its about you letting her know that you think she’s attractive without you being a creepy weirdo.

Let her catch you looking at her, not staring, but stealing glances at her. When she catches you, she’s like; “The first time is an accident, the second time, not sure, but the third time; undeniable”.

She knows that you are interested but its at this precise time that you stop looking at her and when you get up to leave, you might want to go by her and smirk-smile and you say; “Hello, how are you doing” and you walk by.

Don’t engage her, it’s all about getting a little bit of tension and banter. It’s certainly going to drive her wild.

Join my followers because there’s a direct correlation of dudes who read my articles to dudes who are chased by those spicy senoritas.

Why? because my articles are going help you both look and feel amazing, not to mention feel incredibly confident which, at the end of the day, the most attractive thing that women want is a dude who is confident, kind, and a dude who is super secure in who he is.

Do you agree with the psychological tricks in the article? Share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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