Guys do these 6 things to look more attractive

Most guys work really hard to make themselves more noticeable and liked by women. This can be very tiring and futile as you can never be perfect for anybody. You can only improve. For guys that want to be noticed by women, what do you think is the reason why things are not working out? That’s because there are somethings you are doing wrong or that needs improvement, which I will talk about in this article.

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Six things you can do to instantly look attractive.

1.Be Real.

When it comes to girls, most guys have the habit of faking a lot of things about themselves. Some would even go as far as using a foreign accent just to impress a lady. Girls know when a guy is feeling uncomfortable in his own skin and trying to be whom he is not. Real guys are the ones that go straight to the point and take the risk as they are ready to accept whatever outcome it brings. You don’t need to pretend or beat round the bush, be real with her and she will find your honesty and confidence attractive.

2.Talk with Purpose.

Talking with purpose in this sense is your ability to make your opinions clearer and understandable instead of using styles and parables. For example, when you are sitting right next to her instead of saying “Hey There’s someone around whos very beautiful and I would like to buy her a drink”, and leave her guessing, while not say; “Hello, you’re a very beautiful girl, do you mind if I buy you a drink?” Gils like guys who are straightforward.


One of the best qualities a man can have is the ability to listen. Most girls actually test guys on how much they can listen to them, and would want to know if they are worth telling their feelings to. Your ability to listen will make her trust you more and attracted to you.

4.Have a sense of humor.

Now you don’t have to be Bovi or Basketmouth in this case, and this might not be a necessity just that it might be required to spice things up. Girls love it when they can laugh with a guy and feel relaxed. This ability is one of the most attractive things girls find in boys that you can take to your own advantage. Spice things up a little with jokes that would crack her up, yet be very careful not to go too far. Never joke about a woman’s appearance or her family.

5.Have Confidence.

Confidence is something all guys need to improve on as it is a necessity in everyday life. A person who is low on confidence would be treated any how and no woman would want to associate herself with such a person. Don’t slouch when walking, don’t stare at her feet when talking to her, don’t use a shaky voice also. As a guy, your confidence is one of the things that attracts women to you.

7.Stop complaining.

Do you like someone who complains a lot and blame the world for their problems? I guess the answer is NO. Women perceive guys who complain a lot as weaklings who might never become men. As a guy trying to make women admire you, the worst thing you can do is to complain like a baby when you should try to fix things. Women love guys that are in control of things as complaining too much make her feel uncomfortable easily. Man up!

So guys, there you have them. Which one of these do you think you have to work on? Please don’t forget to like and share if you find this article helpful.

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