Girls don’t understand these 10 crazy things some guys do

Men are wonderful creatures, sometimes it’s like they are a completely different species. Having a good bunch of men in our lives gives us confidence, Men are the spice to our Jollof, little you do wonder what the world would have looked like without men.Despite these qualitys ascribed to men, they are crazy habits that a man shows that may offsets people.

They are numerous to be mentioned in just a content, Here are 10 Things Guys do that every girl probably didn’t understand;

1) Catcalling Girls

We girls don’t really understand the reason for catcalls, do guys expect us to chase after them and drop our numbers, no way! We can’t be fooled

2) Most Men Get Horrified at the mention of the word “period”

Girls don’t just know why guys act so crazy when “period” is mentioned, Even in high school when a teacher mentions ” it’s my period o” they would react

3) The Need to Fix Things

We girls know it’s good to be busy, but why dedicate 24 hours to fix a broken pipe or material in your home? Guys would always say ” I will fix things, just give me time” we don’t know the reason behind them

4) Competition

Guys are competitive, they would stake a huge ransom for a bid that is worth less than the stake, we still don’t know why they did so

5) Prolonged bathing time

Is not like they have long hair to wash, we don’t just know why most guys take much time in the bathroom

6) Openness 

Guys don’t seem to hide things at all, after a party, here is the type of message you would see the host send ” am sorry I got you drunk” 

7) Watching Football For Hours

Imagine, when it’s world cup or Super-league matches, they wouldn’t care to spend days watching

 8) Getting ready to party, no waste of time

For girls preparation is part of the party, we don’t know why some guys don’t care about it

9) Getting business offers at a party

Guys, we need to know the secret behind this

10) Going by awkward nicknames

“Scorpion! Come here” how do they expect us to feel on hearing “scorpion” expecting to see the animal only for a well-looking guy to identify himself as the scorpion, we can’t bear it guys!

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