Youths take note of these three ways to be financially independent

In the world today nothing is respected more than riches. The rich in the society are worshipped and celebrated. This has imbued in the mind of the up going youth to and indeed every one to scamper, struggle for riches even in the dirtiest and most risky corners. This has caused unhealthy competition among the people which resulted in high rate of crime like kidnapping, banditry and armed dealings and robbery. This exposes many young aspiring men to untimely death, imprisonment and frustration/depression. 

In this article I will show you the three best , lawful and sure way of climbing the ladder of success to become rich in life. In these ways people often neglect them and resort to short cut. There is no such short cut in life.

(1) One of the ways to be successful in life is to go to school. Knowledge is power and education is the key to success. With right education you will garner necessary knowledge that will help to soar high like eagles.

(2) Another thing to do in life if you are interested in becoming rich is to learn a skill. In this group artisans are included. Learn a trade, handiwork to excel. 

(3) Third one is that you is to enter into apprenticeship of servant/master trade agreement for about minimum of 6 year or more to serve a master, at the end of the agreement your master will give you money to set up your own business. Many people especially have become exceptionally through this agreement. 

It doesn’t require capital , skill or educational requirement but only patience, trust and hardworking. 

Outside these things, as a young man, whatever you are doing will not take you too far. I assure you if you embark on any of the three ventures you must be rich in life.

Published by Ernest I.

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