Start these 9 businesses and become a billionaire

Based on the fact that the the world population is increasing, you will agree with me that business is the next in line for you to make millions of naira. Also based on the scarcity of jobs both for graduates and none grduates, you will agree with me that business is the next thing that will help or make you to achieve your financial goals.

But then, there are a lots of business you can venture into but the most important thing is to know the ones that can give you the profits you expect. The list among the best business you can venture into, are:

1) Selling of baby foods and baby clothes. The world population is increasing on a daily basis. For example, visit any hospital close to you and you will see that women are giving birth to new babies and these babies will need food for survival.

Venture into this business, but make enquiry in your locality to know the ones that are on high demands and also to know how your competitors are responding to this demands. With this, you will know how to start the business and also how to out shine your competitors.

2) Production of Food for human consumption. The population of Nigeria is increasing into millions and this makes the number of people needing food to be increasing.

Every human being needs food for survival. Go into food production like garri, which has one of the highest demand in the market followed by rice and beans. Go into the production of these foods as well such as, rice farm, beans farm and you can also include other agricultural products such as plantain farm, yam farm etc. 

3) Selling of food items. If starting a farm land for any of these businesses mentioned above is difficult for you probably because of your location or your finances will not allow you to start it, you can go into selling of food items. This is one of the best businesses you can start in Nigeria and the best part of it is that you can start with little money and watch your business grow into an empire.

4) Selling of clothes. Fashion is something that is known to be part of human being. Human can’t do without clothes and for you to make it big in selling clothes, you have to know what is trending and also for you to sell well, you have to be in a populated area.The population of the area your business is located, has a lot to do with the success of your business. Do a good research before starting the business.

5) Blogging. Blogging is the same as owing a website that is wholly created for passing latest information to the audience through the help of internet. But before you go into blogging, it has to be the area where you know very well. for example, if you are good in technology, computer engineering, web design and web development, you can start blogging with it but you should always make sure that you are giving your audience latest and authentic information they can’t get somewhere else, that is the only way they will be coming back to your blog day by day.

Now for you to make money from it, you have to be driving traffic from the search engine, then apply for Google Adsense or the alternatives. With Google Adsense or it’s related company, you can be making money from your blog even while you sleep.

6) Event planning. This is where you will see caterers and bakers and also those that decorates wedding halls and and cakes.

The major thing that is required of you here is the capital to start and the skills you need for the baking of cakes and decorations of hall for your clients. With these things, i belive you are good to go.

7) Selling of beverages. Nigeria is one of the largest consumption of soft drinks in African continent.The hot weather of Nigeria will make you to be doing well in a business like selling of beverages whether in traffic or not. You can also include botle water and satchet water too. Human being can’t do with without water for hydration of their body system. On the other hand, you can venture into Zobo drinks which is prepared with peniapple peel, zobo flower, and flour etc. Prepare your own in away it will be more delicious than the ones prepared by your competitors because this is the only way you take their customers away.

8) Fast food joints. There are some people that due to their job, they don’t have chance to cook for themselves, coupled with the level of traffic they face on daily basis which makes them to always be tired and don’t have time to cook. With this business, you will be on a high demand for them.

9) Dry cleaning business. This is one the best business that you will make money from and even employ staffs if you want to make it big in it.Do you know that there are some people that doesn’t have the chance to wash their clothes because of their business or job? Now you can fill the vacuum for them by opening a dry cleaning shop in your locality where you do the job for them and you will be paid.

Depending on the government to provide job for you is not something you should be doing as a vibrant man or woman, join business with your skills and you will enjoy money as you have always wished.

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