Money hides in these 9 places

Money is important for every form of operation. The Holy Bible tells you all that love of wealth, even riches, is the root of all bad stuff. When we explore them one by one, I want you to be very careful and cautious, because I see many people being financially free by this exploration. I have found ten plazas where the money is hidden.

1. Money hides in problems

The money is covered in trouble, and any problem you see is cash in disguise. Every reader should think of a solution rather than grumble about a problem because it is seeing and overcoming a problem that takes money away from problems. Look around any challenge you see, everyone you see needs a potential spinner. The dilemma of one man is the chance of another human.

The food-seller makes money from your hunger problem. The fabric seller makes money from your nakedness/mode issue. Your health care provider benefits capital. The lawyer gets money out of the crisis. With your shelter, the landlord gains money from the issue. And so forth.


Gates and staircases to new life levels are possibilities, and in today’s world, there are countless ways to make money. What people sometimes refer to as successor luck is a random meeting with preparation. It is easier to wait for a chance than to face you unprepared. A lot of people have been unable to make money because the prospects are confused. What does it take to develop yourself or to find connections to overcome the dilemma of people and meet their needs? In today’s foreign village and the internet, the solution to the square is one click away.

3. Money hides in ideas

Their ideas that they have proclaimed rule the planet. You must be filled with idleness because you are not filled with thought. In the jet age, intelligent work substitutes hard work. You must then align with capital-generating developments. Please imagine how much Mark Zuckerberg, with over two billion people worldwide, has built on Facebook, Bill Gates, and other millions of multimillionaires. A little idea will change your life if you can imagine and get one. You have a little idea.

4. Money hides amongst people

Everywhere people meet, there is money available as well. All in your pockets is the money that you ever wanted. Cash doesn’t fall out of the sky. The question is what advantages are you able to offer them for their money? People usually can’t give you money, but when you get up, you get paid for something else.

5. Your talent and gifts hides money

Every human being is created without the talent or skill provided by the Creator. If they have not climbed the success and popularity ladder with their skills and abilities, the majority of actors are distinct. You can create, discover, and unravel your imagination and abilities with the sacrifices you can make, offering the limelight a complete exposition. All is as good as doing what you do and being paid for it.

6. Money is hidden in your vision

The Bible says men undergo loss of vision. Vision is the eye you will excel in life. A man without a vision, without a headlamp in the dark, is like a car. Many successful companies and organizations are founded today from the dreams of the founders. Have a look, share your view, and take these visions for granted.

 7. Money hides in hard work

The foundations of success are hard work. Instead of destroying hard work, it is exhaustion and idleness that lead to hunger and death. During hard work, what doesn’t kill you pays off, and you get better. Conceive the flows by hard work.


How much did you pay in the last 12 months? What money were you spending? The answer is very straightforward. You have invested 80%, if not 100%, for goods and services. Currently, this means money flowing from you to others for goods and services. No wonder why the currency is used for ‘money’ because it is like currents, whether it is flowing towards you or away from you. Cash is hidden in products and services, and those with goods or services keep making money at all times, recession or no recession.

9. Money hides in your seeds

Seed means what you have to let go of or sell it now for a better future. It germinates as tiny as a mustard seed and becomes a large tree with all kinds of birds that have various fruits and harbors. Your seed can be your time, your sleep, your work, your cash, or whatever you can use to build unbelievable jobs tomorrow. All who sows the tears will gather joy and gladness. Sparingly even those who sow, and abundantly those who sow, will reap. He’ll reap the sows of a man. Sit on the kernels attentively.

You must have realized that you have already agreed with me as I assume you are the secret to finding money is buried in your ability to open up all of these spaces where money hides by having a solution to people’s problems or by creating ideas that fix a problem not just like the computer. Now that you share my secret about money that I think hides, I invite you to share your secret with me through the comment box, and do not forget to hit a share so that you can add this secret to their secret list thanks to your friends.

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