Create wealth and riches with these 11 principles

It is a great pleasure to be rich and rich, but to achieve this status, it takes sacrifices, principles and rules.

Below are 11 principles for getting very rich.

1. Make a dream come true and work on it.

Not only do we dream at bedtime, we cannot sleep and we cannot create our dreams. The mental game is all about creating (planning) what you want it to be in the near future, and it achieves that while stopping you in the process of creating. This is usually the first step in increasing his wealth and you should plan your next day however you want. This will let you know what you need to apply to make your dreams come true.

2. Choose your friends wisely.

There’s this famous quote that says “Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are.” The above explanation explains everything. The person who wants to be rich in the future has to go with the same friends who have the same goal in life. If you want to be a footballer, choose friends who love football, remember that if you make friends with characteristic patterns, you will always try to achieve your goals. (If Pablo Escobar is your teacher, choose a friend with Gustavo)

3. AMIA analysis.

AMIA (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) the above four elements should be applied for your business to grow rich in the future. At some point in your business, AMIA will try to give you an accurate analysis, find your strengths in the business, understand your weaknesses, identify more opportunities to help you grow and look at some of the factors. that put you in danger. This will help you balance the growth of your empire.

4) Positive risk taker

If you want to be rich in life, you have to pay different kinds of risk. Antiphobic (fear of failure) do bad things. You just have to be more discriminating in helping others. (Note: the game is different from the risk of multiplying all your capital)

5. There are varying sources of funding.

The most dangerous part of financial growth is putting all the eggs in one basket. Most of the rich men celebrated today have an income, even if one aspect of your business fails, there are other ways to come back. The flexibility of the source of wealth is very important; If you work in the public service, start a small business that can provide a small amount of money; If you want to do business, be diversified and invest in a variety of companies as this gives you the opportunity to make choices in the future.

More than. Avoid taking the extra orrow.

Limited debt is good for growing your business, but you can use additional debt to pay interest on your profits. It is always a good idea to start with what you have and build your business, as most businesses have failed because too much debt has been used to manage them.

7. Read books.

In addition to the motivating effects of speakers, the habit of reading books helps you develop and enrich your resources. If you want to be rich, try to find books that will encourage your wealth building initiative, most books will teach you ideas that will help you overcome your mistakes to be successful in life.

8. Cut costs.

Excessive spending only creates a risk of failure. If you have to spend, you have to spend on stocks, stocks, real estate, and other investments. Don’t spend on drinks, parties, donations and more. Food is extremely important, but when consumed with caution, the food equates to the regular food seven times a day, reducing excessive costs that do not bring benefits.

9. Start your own business.

Starting your business from scratch allows you to become rich and prosperous if you can follow the AMIA analysis correctly when starting a business Starting your own business will give you a chance to control your financial growth and let you know that you you are doing well and your business plan is effective. Do not arrive.

10. Individual and community investment.

One of the secrets of investing in humanitarian and community initiatives is the ultimate asset, giving you the ability to protect yourself quickly if you want to leave your financial situation. It opens new doors to growth and wealth. There is no doubt that “donors can never lose”.

11. Prayer.

Prayer is also the main tool of wealth. When you need to reach the top, you pray to God.

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