4 Reasons couples should sleep in different rooms

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Love is a beautiful thing and it is best shared in marriage. However, research has shown that love is not enough to keep married couples together. We have seen great lovers split their union to the amazement of everyone.

People marry because they are in love but end up divorcing each other over after few years and others months.

An Abuja based lawyer, Annebrefa, on Twitter on Friday, February, 21, raised an alarm on the 4000 divorce applications that have been filed this year alone. That was barely 2 months into the year.

It is discovered that couples who sleep in different rooms tend to have fewer cases of divorce.

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Below may be reasons responsible for it:

First reason is that separate rooms create desire; When you are always in people’s space their value and desire for you reduces. Couples who live in the same room get bored of each other easily. When you are in separate rooms, there’s is this yearning you get for your partners attention, presence and body. When you get to meet you enjoy the moment like its your honeymoon.

Second reason is that it leads to less arguments; Most divorce starts more from silly arguments than actual infidelity. We have heard issues of couples splitting up over toothpaste, snoring and other petty things.

Third reason is separate rooms gives more privacy: Many husbands are fond of snooping at their wives phones and same with many wives. They try to read chats, check call logs and even bank transactions. Living in separate rooms affords a better sense of privacy as your spouse hardly get to pry into your privacy.

Fourth reason is that living in same room leads to frequent love making which reduces spiritual essence; Spiritual activities like fasting is difficult when you leave together in the same room because of the temptation of love making. You can’t be fasting and “smashing” at the same time: it against the principles of fasting.

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The home needs a spiritual covering because evil forces are always trying to destroy marriages whether you believe it or not. Fasting amplifies prayers which is a potent tool to fight these anti-marital forces.

The people of old stay in separate tents from their spouse. For example the biblical Abraham and his wife Sarah lived in separate tents and they never had divorce or temporary separation. Same with other stories in history of great husbands and wives.

Majority of today’s couple are not raised or graced to live together. There is no need fooling or deceiving ourselves. It’s time to try a new approach. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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