If you want to be rich, follow these 5 steps

Have you ever wondered how all the billionaires you know become rich? I am very sure you have read several best selling books on how to become rich from the scratch. Most of the rice people you see today were once like you. There’s no a big magic about it ,it’s just about the mindset you have and the habits you have developed in yourself. Rest assured,your habit defines you completely- what you do and what you don’t do. Then in essence ,we can say being rich is dependent on your habits. Here are some habits you need to develop to become rich easily though not as fast as you may want it to be:

1. SAVE 10% EVERY MONTH: this magic is just excellent,I’ve read many rich people talking about 10% saving on every earning. Robert Kiyosaki maintained that if you can save at least 10% of your income every month,you are on a good road to become rich and subsequently wealthy. George Classon also had the same mindset unto how the first step to be rich is in his best seller book, The richest man in Babylon. Saving 10% on every earning or income no matter the challanges and needs ( wants) is not Easy to do as it is to say, you have to make it a habit. I bet, if you can do that for a year,it will surely be a habit and you are on a good mark to becoming rich.

2. PUT YOUR SAVINGS INTO INVESTMENT: if you can actually do the first step,the second won’t be a big deal. Never use your savings for anything else aside investing it to work for you. Invest on a business that you have much and valuable information on it . Don’t ever push your money into something that you have less information and knowledge about. If you are to employ someone to manage your business or investment, he must be knowledgeable in that field, don’t employ a car dealer to work on electronics investment. He or she must be knowledgeable in that field.

3. DON’T GAMBLE: Riches are not made on game tables. The winning on Gambling tables gives pleasure for a little while,but if you look at it very well, much is lost on betting or gambling than that which is gain. Don’t ever use your savings or earnings on investment to gamble.

4. REINVEST YOUR INVESTMENT: Rich people don’t spend their investment returns in the early days of their startings. While others advice you keep all your eggs in one basket, others advice to keep them not in one basket; but the best way to invest is the way you see it best for you. If you want to be rich,then it’s all advisable you push all your earnings from investment info investment again.

5. GAIN KNOWLEDGE: you can never be rich in your own comfort zone until you move out of the knowledge you already have . You can actually keep your job and still mind the business you are into . You must be an accountant in order to have accounting knowledge,these are assignments you have to be for yourself. Read, attend seminars and workshops, meet new people, attend courses( eg. In marketing and sales,etc). These knowledge may not be professional but you actually need them to out of the Normal masses.

These are the simplest ways that have been taught over time by Greatest inventors and wealthiest men that have ever live.

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