What to do to increase wealth and riches

Becoming wealthy or rich is not by force it is by choice. Some people believe that it has been destined by God whether you ll be rich or not, so some are not rich because it has been destined by God. Am totally against that because everything God created is good and he has good plans for man generally.

Their are some things that rich people do that increases their riches and wealth but poor people don’t and this increases their poverty.

1.Rich people thinks about acquiring riches and wealth by providing solutions to peoples problem

A person that thinks very well, thinks on how to solve people’s problems and provide solutions to it and in return they get paid for doing this. For example Dangote thought about solving people’s problem when building so he decided to start producing cement inorder to build houses with cements and and discouraged the use of muds for building houses.

2. The rich don’t have only one source of income they invest in other businesses.

The rich invest in other businesses to guard against business failure but the poor don’t do that they only focus on one source of income and once they are getting their three square meals they are ok with that

3. The rich surround themselves with successful people

The rich surround themselves with successful people that they can share business ideas together but instead of the poor moving closer to successfull people they only surround themselves with people with no vision and purpose. If they move close to the rich and succesful people they get to know the secrets of the successfull people success and apply it to their Life.

4. Rich people hardly watch TV

They don’t have time to waste on Tv, shows e.t c. They use the time for watching to read motivational books, think and plan.

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2 thoughts on “What to do to increase wealth and riches

  1. Happiness is separate . When people becomes richer they run for more money. Poor people have less avenues to generate revenues , but have more time to enjoy life. The richer become unhappy when they lose their ‘free time’ to enjoy life, while ‘managing’ their wealth ! Education can fill the Gap ! Philosophy of Life is Important ! Poverty robs people also of their Happiness and minimum Comforts. Rich people can be happier being creative by caring for the hapless, poor , caring for Nature and Environment, Science & Technology. The poor are there to contribute thru their physical labour and time !


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