With God, yourself and others, you will be wealthy

Man was created for God’s purpose.We all want to be billionaires.Get that dream house,cars,travel to places and enjoy life as we want.Let us be sincere,this luxuries are good.Infact,they make life interesting and have meaning.

A man could be wealthy when he was alive,that doesn’t mean he fulfilled his destiny.There is no way,you will fulfil your destiny in life and you won’t be wealthy.What am saying in essence,is that,fulfilling your destiny is the major assignment you have in life.

The three people that will make you fulfil your destiny are:

1.God-Having a personal relationship with God will make you fulfil your destiny in life.

Galatians 1:12 states that,for I neither received it of man.Neither was I taught it,but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

When God created us,he gave us an assignment which must be carried out.We need to be directed by God daily.

Many are poor today,because they are living a life of disobedience.If God wants you to be a doctor,but your profession is carpentry,you are the cause of your problem.

2.You-The second agent of destiny fulfilment is yourself.Say me.In life,you are the intermediary between God and your destiny helpers.

To fulfil your destiny,holiness is a necessity.Let take for example,Joseph in the bible.He ran away from sexual immorality.Let us assume he had an affair with his master wife.She would be giving Joseph money,he would be wealthy.Joseph could decide to build his own house and become whatever he wished for.Something would happen to Joseph,he won’t become the prime minister in a foreign land.So to fulfil your destiny.You have to deal with your self and live a holy life.

3.Your relationship with others-This last one is the last step and very crucial.Most of us believe we don’t need others in our life.

Jesus,to fulfil his destiny had 12 disciples.Destiny fulfilment is not a one man job.Build relationship with people.Greet people,help them,talk to them.

Joseph had a relationship with Pharaoh’s butler and baker.He interpreted dreams for them.The chief butler forgot Joseph for 2 years.He remembered Joseph when his service was needed and he was moved out of prison.


Joseph life is a complete guide to destiny fulfillment.He had a relationship with God,he dealth positively with himself,he had relationship with others.

No matter what you are facing in life,always remember God.He is your maker.Talk to him and he will answer

If you have read this and it impacted into your life.Please drop a comment,like and share.

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