These types of guys find it difficult to toast a girl

In this article, you would be reading on the types of guys that find it difficult to approach or woo a girl most of the time.

These guys sometimes are anxious or are the stereotypical types that you would not often see approaching or trying to woo a girl. Below are 5 types of guys that fall into this category,

1. The introverts

This guys is shy and would get nervous around the girl he is trying crushing on. He would find it difficult to approach her because, one, introverts like to plan out how they would approach her and the things they would want to say and most times they end up not doing it because of anxiety.

2. Guys with low self-esteem

This type of guys is the type that thinks that money is the only thing he needs to have before he can approach or woo a girl. In essence, he doesn’t really hype up himself because he has no money.

3. The short guys

I’m not trying to say that these guys can’t approach a lady. What I’m saying is that for instance a guy whose hight is 5 foot 9 inches might find it difficult to woo a lady who is 6 foot tall.

4. The Mama’s boy

This type of boy simply cannot stop bragging to the girl how his mother flew him to American, bought him a phone, rented a nice apartment for him and how his mother did this and did that for him. The girl would find him immature.

5. The scholars

These type of guys are usually always focused on their books and studying to make good grades. They hardly have the time to approach or flirt with a girl.

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