This woman is the biggest buttocks in the world

Mikel Ruffineli, a mother who weighs 29 stone with a height of 5ft 54inches is absolutely in love with her figure stating that she’s proud of her weight and sees no need for dieting or losing weight.

After measurements, it was discovered that her hips measured a circumference of 8ft, which is deeper than someone’s grave.

According to Mikel “men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure”

“I’m extreme, I have an extreme physique, I love my curves , I love my hips and I love my assets”

“I rather be this size and be happy, with me, loving me, than to be skinny that size and unhappy”

Even though her daughter is scared of her mother’s health, her husband, Reggie is in love with Mikel’s shape stating thus ” I tell people all the time -I have a license to work with heavy equipment”

Even with all the self love that she has, Mikel said that she has problems getting into the shower and says that people begin to stare and whisper when she walks by.

From the medical point of view, irrespective of the love she has for her shape, her weight is capable of producing enough complications that could leave her bed ridden.

It’s always advisable to stick to a healthy and balanced diet filled with vegetables and fruits. Always moving ones body and exercising too . You too can take these healthy tips.

What do you think of her weight, should she lose some or continue with that size she is at?

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