These are 14 ways of making money

There are several ways to make money in Nigeria but I will show you 14 smart ways to make N150,000 every month.

Below are the 14 businesses to do to make N150,000 monthly:

1. Lead belt

It is a reliable way to earn millions in Nigeria. Like affiliate marketing, this applies to some trusted people who buy and pay for a product from a particular brand or workplace. You can choose to pay by referral or at an agreed amount.

2. Website development

If you want to program or understand the concept, you can also try to combine it with website design and development. For customers, you can choose to develop Blogspot, WordPress or even Drupal sites. You need to know basic languages ​​like Html, Php, CSS and Java and you are ready to make money with this business idea.

3. Drip

Dropping is another hot job in the world. Like shipping, transportation is ideal

Passive income flow in Nigeria. Despite some difficulties, rejection is still a millionaire for many people in Nigeria.

4. Waste recycling

Waste recycling is another good way to make money in Nigeria. Especially in a popular city where garbage is collected, you can pick up and sell this “unwanted” or reuse it for jobs and other businesses. With the right connection, you can recycle millions of wastes.

5. Manufacture of nylon bags

Making plastic bags is another great way to make money in Nigeria. From regular black nylon bags to super-strong bags, both are needed for consumers to pack and ship their products across Nigeria. The production and supply of this commodity is very lucrative in Nigeria.

6. Food production

If you want to start this business, but want to earn a lot, we will be honest to spend more than 70% on kitchen waste or industrial waste.

Raising livestock and providing for farmers and other people involved in animal husbandry is one of the easiest ways to make money in Nigeria. Animal feed production is one of the best financial investments in Nigeria.

7. Currency trading

Even if you have to go through a serious training and read a lot of e-books and bulletins before you can succeed in this field. In addition, the foreign exchange market is an ideal place to make money in Nigeria.

8. Trading cryptocurrencies

Trading cryptocurrency and coin culture is a good way to earn millions in Nigeria. Buying and selling cryptocurrency is also one of the fastest ways to make money online.

Many people have become millionaires simply by investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You should also know that many people fail with cryptocurrency, so be careful.

9. Sale of online courses

Selling online courses on WhatsApp, Facebook, forums and even on your website is a great way to make money. In Nigeria, whether you sell these courses in the form of e-books or online courses, at places like Coursera, Edx or Khan Academy.

10. Blog

You can also start blogging and making money online in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji and a bunch of people started blogging with the increase. Blogging is another passive income stream that you can easily start in Nigeria.

11. E-commerce

If you don’t like writing to make money, try selling something online to make money. Having an e-commerce website or trading on e-commerce sites is another thing you can start in Nigeria.

This is one of the hottest business ideas in Nigeria. You can sell it on social media or on sites like Amazon, Jumia, Konga and even Jiji.

12. Delivery and courier services

If you have your own e-commerce store, you may want to open shipping and courier services to provide shipping and delivery services to customers and other government and other customers in the country.

13. Build a factory

Once you set up a factory that produces the product you want, it’s easier to get rich in Nigeria than you think. You can set up a factory that produces beauty products, processed foods, materials and even stationery.

14. Internet cafe

Yes, because an internet cafe is one of the best companies in Nigeria. Internet cafes offer a wide range of services, including printing, online recording, photocopying, graphic design, scanning and printing. This is a bad way to make money in Nigeria.

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