8 Things about guys that girls envy

Being a girl comes with a lot of burdens, sincerely I feel for the girls. Is it the menstrual pains? Labour pain?inferiority complex? Etcetera.

Okay, let’s get to the crux of the matter.

There are things guys do that are seen as normal but if a girl tries it, she would be castigated. So lucky I am not a girl.

There are things that are natural to men that girls wish was applicable to them too.

1) Being able to Bleep as many girls as he desires:

Girls secretly wish they could also Bleep as many guys as they desire but because they would be tagged Love Peddler and be treated badly and insulted by people, they decide to let their desire burn within them. So sad. cry

2) A man can do any job:

There is hardly any work a man cannot do, but there are so many jobs that are exclusively dominated by men, girls wish they could experience some of this jobs but they would be ridiculed/bullied if the venture into it.

3) A man is physically stronger.

Women hate the fact that they are weaker than men, they hate the fact that they can’t defend themselves from the hands of a man without another man’s intervention. Even in sports too, men are stronger and more agile. cry

4) Men have natural beauty.

At least that’s what we are made to believe and accept that a woman must use all the makeups and go half unclad before men would consider her attractive, but a man almost doesn’t need to do much to be attractive. Women would spend hours correcting their looks to be beautiful but a man wouldn’t do any to be handsome. So sad. cry

5) Men are more intelligent generally.

On an average, men are known to be more intelligent, this pisses women off(sorry dear), if a new game is introduced to a man and a woman to learn, like chess, for instance, a man would grab it faster than a woman, which shows higher intelligence on the man’s side.

6) Men are easily satisfied and they worry less.

A man’s life is so simple and worries free, this keeps girls wondering how they could do that when they themselves worry a lot about so many things with terrible mood swings. A man is satisfied with the simple things of life but a woman always wants more and more and get more sad and angry as they get more. Oh dear, it is well cry

7) A man can go outside with just boxers/briefs.

A woman can’t do that, but they secretly wish they could go outside with their bare breast and experience the incomparable breeze of nature grin cooled are friends of each other

8) Women are enemies of each other, they fight each other, curse each other, envy each other etc but men generally flow easily with each other with very little friction, women wish this was the case with them.

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