7 Things that make a girl loose respect for a guy

There are certain ways you would behave as a man that would make ladies to find you as someone worth respecting, that is, they would put you in high regards and there are certain ways that some men would act that would make them look childish hence making girls to loose respect for them.

Below are 7 things men should try not to do if they want women to respect them,

1. When guys gossip

This act is unmanly like as this is what some women usually do when they want to relief themselves off emotional burdens.

2. When guys wear dirty clothes

If this is not a turn off already, I don’t know what else is. Some men can wear the same shirts, boxers, socks or trousers for days without washing them. This act is embarrassing and girls would mock you for this.

3. Stylishly touching a lady at the wrong places

I’m sure we have all seen all heard stories of how women were been stylishly romanced in rowdy places like the public bus or a queue. This act is really disgrace and can make the woman or other people do disrespectful things to you.

4. Nagging

When the guy begins to ask her why she didn’t do this or that or begin to harass her to do things then the girl would begin to find her annoying and start loosing respect for him. Girls love guys who are cool, calm and collective talkers.

5. Cheating

When a man already has a significant other but still goes around chasing anything in skirt, then this behavior is extremely disgusting and the girl would start to loose respect for him and probably leave him too.

6. When guys urinate in public places

I understand guys have it easier to easily pass out urine discreetly without anyone having to bat an eye because in a society like Nigeria it has become normalized but when they do it in a public place to the extent where everyone can see their things, then this behavior is extremely embarrassing and would make people to mock him.

7. When guys consume alcohol irresponsibly

Some guys have taken it upon themselves to show and brag about how many bottles of alcohol they can consume at one sitting. At the end they start misbehaving and and up sleeping in gutters and by the road side. Any lady, men included walking by would simply shake their heads at you.

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