See 7 important business books

1. Way of the wolf by Jordan Belfort

This is a master piece that teaches in-depth analysis on sales and marketing and as we all know sales is the bloodstream of business and when there’s no sale the business dies

2. How to make millions with your ideas by Dan S. Kennedy

this business takes you through step-by-step analysis you can use to turn your ideas, businesses or products into millions it’s a must-read for all entrepreneurs or business personnel

3. Other people’s money by Michael lechter

This book will teach you several ways you can raise money for that business idea project and every other aspects it’s guides you through every step

4. Art of war by sun tzu

Although it it’s a book based on war strategy but the most exciting thing about it is that it’s applicable to almost every areas of life as we all know the business with the most formidable strategy takes the apex position in the business world

5. Richest man in Babylon by george S. Clarkson

Although field with ancient wisdom applicable in today’s world this book is an insightful book on saving and multiplication of wealth it is a must-read for every entrepreneur

6. Small business big money by Akin alabi

A lovely book for startups it teaches you how to turn your business into a money making machine as indicated on the front page of the book this book takes you through the experiences of the writer and he tells you how you can apply certain wisdom to your business

7 in business you don’t get what you deserve you get what you negotiate by Chester L. Karras

The game of business is the game of negotiation every business person will have to go through the rigors of negotiation almost everyday this book will help you to learn how to win in every negotiation game

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