2 Remedies for stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcer is a sore or wound that develops on the lining of the esophagus, stomach or small intestine.

Alot of people are complaining of this health challenges on a daily basis. 

Today I am presenting to you the two and most reliable remedies that helped me heal my ulcer, that of my friends, and family. 

To treat stomach ulcer, you have to consider your blood type. This is to choose the best remedy that soothe your body system and not to abuse any remedies that comes your way.

Natural Remedies For Stomach Ulcer

1. Fresh Red Sweet Potatoes Juice.

Potatoes are rich in soluble Vitamins C that is potent in cleaning foul smelling sores and internal bleeding sores like ulcers.

It also has necessary B Vitamins, potassium, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Vitamin K. Presence of Vitamin K gives it more potency in blood clotting and wound healing. This juice is beneficial and helpful to all blood types.

NOTE- Blood group O people needs largest amount of Vitamin K to help them in blood clotting and blood staunch during accident or emergency.

Most blood group O people die during accident because of lack of Vitamin K that helps to prevent excessive bleeding, their blood spectrum is too light, this makes them bleed profusely during accident. Health professionals should know this.

How To Prepare Potatoes Juice

Wash one sizeable red potato neatly, peel the back, cut into pieces and blend into pulp, you can grate it if you dont have blender. Then sieve with 75cl of neat water into a neat bowl with a wine press.

DOSAGE – Drink a full glass cup daily

CAUTION- The milky potato juice you have made is highly susceptible to air and can become contaminated within the next 5minutes because of its abundance contents of Vitamin C. For this reason, make sure you set your apparatus and time yourself with a stopwatch, it must be done and drank within 15minutes and no need for storage.

Anything more than that is contaminated and toxic, and can create allergies instead of healing. So, please, take note and please, do not use Irish potatoes.

2. Fresh Cucumber Juice.

Cucumbers are members of Cold Vegetables and for this reason are neutral to most blood types. Everyone needs to know that cold vegetables, helps to trigger mucous formation in cases of people suffering from Asthma, bronchitis, Sinusitis, blockage of bronchial tubules, severe cough associated with shortness of breath and whizzing sounds because of heavy contents of mucilage. 

Cucumber is highly beneficial for blood groups A people and as such can be used to heal their internal sores, bleeding sores as ulcers. Cucumber’s stem cells, contains abundant mucilage, plant cell water, abundant Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnessium, Vitamins A, K and Silicon, this Silicon content is more reason why it is very recommended for all manner of skin problems and sealing the lips of scars and wounds.

A glass of fresh cucumber juice on empty stomach helps blood group A people to prevent and heal internal sores as ulcers.

It can also help to prevent stress, constipation and anal prolapse or fissures. It cools the reins and internal heat associated with chronic candidiasis.

Chewing cucumber and groundnuts acts as potent skin cleanser for blood groups A people since this combination acts as potent antioxidant.

Give this to your children in place of candies and junks.

How To Make Cucumber Juice For Ulcers

Wash two sizeable cucumber with neat water, peel off the back, cut it horizontally and remove all the seeds, now you have only the cell tissues that is light green in colour. Then cut into pieces and blend with 500ml of neat water. Please, do not mix it with any other thing. Aside the water, then sieve the juice.

DOSAGE- Drink a glass on empty stomach, and late evening. Do this for a period of time and feel the difference.

Remember, body’s recipiency is different, so be patient enough to allow your body to heal gradually.

kindly stay tuned, stay healthy, and follow me for more exciting articles.

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