Steps to attain success

You must have heard a lot of people say “Success is not an accident”… then what is is? The truth is that success has her own mind and only ‘clings’ to those who are prepared for her. Like a pollen grain could travel kilometers looking for a ‘perfect match’, success looks for those that are success prepared. For a grain to travel far to pollinate another does not mean that there are no specie of that plant around, it only means there are no “ready recipient specie around”.

To be Success pollinated, that is be Successful you need to know:

#* “Success is not an accident”

What most people who fail in life does know is that success hangs in the air like opportunities. Just like the pollen grains, it travels around in the air but it take a success ready minded person to take it form the “air”.

#* Success is always around:

Someone once told me “the company you keep, determines what accompanies you” It is the same with Success; you can’t be successful by having the wrong people around. Fro example, a pollen grain of an acacia tree does not drop on another plant, if it does, growth never occurs. Success knows this too, and it wouldn’t drop on the wrong fellow or company.

#* Get the right Company:

The only reason for growth of a plant is been a “ready recipient.” The only way for you to succeed is to get ready to succeed. Like i said, Success is not an Accident, so, read books, get a technical know-how of whatever you are venturing into, learn more about the post you hold, get a “for real” role model to learn from and never stop shooting for the top because that’s where you belong. Remember that success is not an accident, you need to be success-ready for you to be success pollinated!

#* Be Success Prepared:

Take time to review yourself on a scale of 1-10; “Is what you are doing right now ever going to yield success, THE WAY YOU ARE DOING IT?”

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