See what Yahoo boys do to get rich

When Yahoo Boys use a lady’s destiny, instead of her to die she won’t die. They do it in such a way that any guy that sleeps with that lady will donate his destiny to the lady and those guys will be using the guys destiny through the lady because they are already joined together through sex.

If 10 guys sleeps with that lady, their destiny/glory will be tapped through that lady. If those guys sleeps with other ladies, the glory of those ladies will be transferred to the guys and from the guys to the lady they have used in the first place n dey will tap their fortunes from her.

That’s what many Yahoo boys do now. No clients but they keep buying Benz because those ladies they used as wealth pot can’t survive without men sleeping with them to give them money. So the more those men sleeps with them and those men keeps sleeping around with other ladies, their wealth increases.

Guys and Ladies, please beware of who you go out with.

Published by Ernest I.

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