10 Mistakes that prevent one from getting rich and ways to overcome them

Have you ever wondered why you get appreciated for a special thing you have ? It’s because you’re rich!

Our general definition of being rich, is having a lot of money and possessions. Especially material wealth. But being rich involves many other things aside from being financially rich. You could be rich emotionally, psychologically in the sense that many people wants to benefit from you because they cherish what you speak, the advices you give to them. You could be rich spiritually, you pray for people and God blesses you. You could be rich physically, mentally, and so on. 

But here in this article, I will be talking about the decisions you make that hinders you or that has been hindering you from getting rich financially.

1. You believe that being rich is bad.

Many people have this so called mentality that ” being rich is bad or evil, most rich people got their wealth through evil means , and they’re evil, they’re stingy and they extort the poor”. Now, let me ask you this question. Since you’ve been believing in that cliche, have you your self gotten rich? You can’t be rich. It’s not a curse, because the mentality is what that has been preventing you from working towards your goal of becoming financially rich. Because you believe once you get rich, others will also see you as what you saw other rich people to be.

You can become rich and be a nice person at the same time. Actually, if you become rich, give to the poor, do good. You can or will change the stereotype most people have been made to believe in.

2. Your decisions are influenced by appearance. 

People tend to judge from appearance. In the sense that, they go for quantity things rather than focussing on the quality aspects. 

This has done more havoc in our societies today, especially Nigeria . Let’s use our Nigerian products as an example. Nigeria is an underdeveloped country right ? Still we produce things like farm produces like cocoa, rubber, palm oil, materials like shoes, clothes, phones, cars, and all sorts of things. right? Now let me ask you a question. Why do you think other countries like America, China , Russia, Israel and so on keep getting better and richer, and we here in Nigeria still complain of economy recession?

It’s simple. It’s because we focus on the quantity things of other countries and choose to ignore the quality things of our own mother land. Look at the case of I phone . Many Nigerians wants to use I phone, and other Apple products, but aren’t we producing phones here in Nigeria? Tho I’m not saying using I phone is not good, but the limit at which it’s being used here is so much compared to our products here. No wonder why Apple, a mere company keeps getting richer and better than Nigeria a whole country on the other side which keeps getting poorer and the masses are complaining.

3. You tend to ignore negative things.

You often keep aside difficult things, thinking they’ll sort themselves out. With this, it could hinder you from getting rich financially. Instead focus on where you need to make amendments , involve in accepting criticisms, take risks, and see whether you won’t be rich.

4. You underestimate the influence of laziness.

Laziness is one of the major things that hinders a person from being successful. Instead in involving in things that will make you rich, you’d rather sit down and watch a movie. Well, it’s the fault of the brain. How ? It’s simple. The brain is a mind controlling system that triggers the body to what is pleasurable. That’s why you want to read a book that’s going to enlighten you, and suddenly you read to a point, and find the book boring. Sorry it’s not your fault, but the brain. 

The way to solve this is simple. What you need is just discipline! By disciplining your self and not making advancement towards what your brain says you should do at a particular time you want to achieve something.

5. You don’t use the assets you have .

Assets is what you have,that you can rely on at the last point of a situation. Assets is different from wealth. Wealth can finish any time but assets can’t unless you use it wisely. Assets can be exchanged for money or wealth. That valuable thing you have that might look small to you or valueless, is an asset. Even if it’s an antique/ old thing, it’s still an asset. 

Take a look at your possessions/assets and see what usefulness it can be to others. Post it online,social medias and so on. Who knows maybe you could find someone who’s interested in it.

6. You plan your budget for a period of one of less than a year.

Planning ahead of something makes a good idea, and a good thing achievable. But planning too soon when you’re about making a decision doesn’t make sense. For example, let’s say you’re planning to buy a new house in Maitama, Abuja. You should have been making plans on it since a year ago or two, even if you don’t have the money available immediately on ground but you would have saved up for the time the opportunity comes. With that, other money can be used for other things instead of spending it at once on that “too soon plan”.

7. You don’t know prices. 

People who don’t know prices of things get to be more poor day by day. Why? Because the seller extorts them. A thing which costs 500 Naira was sold to you 1000 Naira because you didn’t know the actual price it costs and which makes you less smarter compared to the seller because he realizes you don’t know the price so he sells it to you doubled the price. Isn’t that an hindrance to becoming rich ?

8. Procrastination.

This one is what almost everyone battles with. It works alongside laziness. It is laziness that makes you procrastinate and do irrelevant things rather than do benefiting things. If it’s not taken care of at its early stage, it will be so hard to break off, off it and that , which is bad. And that doesn’t make you get closer to being rich financially.

9. You’re not a good time manager.

Time management is one of the most important steps in getting rich. Many successful people you see all over the world are good time manager. Once you choose to make use of your time wisely, you’ll be a successful person within a short period of time. But when you spend most of your time doing meaninglessness things that doesn’t add to your life improvement, getting rich will be so hard. It’s not a curse.

10. You don’t know how to establish relationships.

Many people whom you see who are rich and successful, have close friends, or even mentors. While the poorest are the loneliest. Being rich must involve positive people whom you can get advices from. Because they’ll have a positive influence on you. If you’re the one who doesn’t get close to positive people, to gain from them, I urge you to change that act, and move closer to those who will not only benefit you, but also make a positive change in your life.

I look forward to seeing you be a rich person in a positive way. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you gained a lot from this article? If you did, why not share your view in the section. Hit the like, share and follow button.

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