How to be wealthy

I’ve tasted depravity in this country. I’ve found a way out and I’m passionate about communicating that way out. We are part of a system of government that is superior to any system, that man would ever built. We’re part of God’s kingdom and God’s system has a solution for poverty. In Luke10v18, Jesus says “the Spirit of God is upon me, he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor.” You see, God has a solution for the poverty problem. Today, we have a global economic recession. The economists are being unraveled all over the world. People are puzzled, some of the best economists we have are puzzled at the moment, but I make bold to say that, God’s system has the solution to the poverty problem. 



The nation of Israel when God brought them out of Egypt and was taking them to Canaan, a land filled with milk and honey. I want you to understand how God would bring out a whole nation that have been in slavery and turn them into a prosperous nation over night. Israel broke free from years of slavery and penury because of God’s covenant with Abraham. The Almighty God cut a covenant, made an agreement, entered a contract with a man named Abraham, it’s in Genesis12v1. The thing about covenant is that, it change your status, your life become mixed with that person you’re in covenant with. All that belong to him belongs to you and all that belong to you belongs to him. That is what God entered into with Abraham. 

So, you observed that when your life and God’s life are mixed together, you can never remain the same. You and God have become one and that changes your status. What dominated before couldn’t anymore. This covenant we are talking guarantees the following…

A) Divine protection

B) Material wealth

C) Spiritual wealth

D) Sound health

E) Divine direction

What Abraham got is the blessing and when the very life of God begins to flow in your system, the quality of life that flows in God that can never be dominated by sickness and diseases. Your life can’t become one with God and He will leave you to be roaming about aimlessly in life. He’ll becomes your Shepherd. You see, God is under obligation to share with you about your life. He knows not only your past, He knows also your future and He will shares that with you. Psalm25v12 says, the secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him. Who is the man that fear the Lord, him will He will teach to choose the way that is best for him. He will lead and guide you. For us as believers, our materials blessings has been provided for within the covenant. When you are in a covenant your responsibility is to obey the terms of the covenant. For you to confess the blessings of Abraham are mine, that’s not going to be enough. You need to match Abraham’s level of commitment. 

When you are in a covenant with God, what is required of you is character and integrity. We want the prosperity of Abraham but we usually don’t talk about all the integrity of Abraham. If you say that you are in a covenant with God, God will test you. He will test your commitment. God tested Abraham in Genesis 22 and told him to take his only son, whom he love to sacrifice him. God tested Abraham and he is going to test you. Are you a covenant keeper? Are you loyal? Are you faithful? Do you keep promises? Why would you expect God’s promises when you are not ready to fulfill your part of the agreement? Abraham was a man of integrity and he knew who he was dealing with, that God can never lie and if the agreement (covenant) with fails, it will never be from God’s end, it will only be from man’s end. When you are in covenant with God, no situations, no systems, no government invented by man can never stop the fulfilment of God’s promises in your life. 

So, my challenge to you is this, “DO THE WORD.” If it says don’t steal, don’t steal. Stealing is beneath your dignity as someone who is in covenant with God, and whose status have changed and God has raised you to His level. Exercise ruthlessly to the terms of this covenant and let’s see whether God wont fulfil his own part of this agreement. You don’t need to beg once you obey the terms, then you are entitled to the benefits of the covenant. It’s a contract, an agreement. Too many people begging for what they should simply demand for, but there are too many people breaking the terms of the covenant and they are now begging for the benefits of the covenant. It just doesn’t work that way and you have the responsibility to know the terms of the covenant, and that’s what the Bible is about. Read your Bible, try to understand how things works. 

The Bible is divided into two books, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The word for testament is another word for covenant. In the Old Covenant, they sacrificed the blood of animals. In the New Covenant, one lamb has been sacrificed for all of us and that’s Christ. If your poverty or challenges tempts you to break the terms of the covenant, and you are now beginning to beg or pray for the benefits of the covenant, you are wasting your time. Obey the terms of the covenant. Galatians 3v13 says, Christ has redeemed us from us the curse of the law being made a curse for us, for it’s written, cursed is anyone that hangs on the tree. Verse14 says, that the blessing of Abraham may come upon the gentiles, that they may receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. We are entitled to the blessing of Abraham but it’s not enough, there are others things you must know and do…


There is a connection between thinking and growing rich. So start to read books and watch videos. Hang out with successful and wealthy people at every opportunity. I observed wealthy people speech are different, they are positive. They have positive outlook on life. The more you interact with them through books, tapes or in person, the more you will realise your thinking is changing to be like them. I’ve read books from millionaires, billionaires, have had interviews with successful people and ask questions. Do so because you want to defeat the pictures of poverty and scarcity. It is in your mind that you will overcome all limitations. For you to do something you’ve never done before, you must become someone you’ve never been before. 


Money is an exchange of value, be in product or service. If you want to earn more money, if you want to scale up, if you want to upgrade your finances, it’s either you are improving the quality of the products and services that you offer or you are increasing the quantity of products or services that you serve. Invest your time and money to improve your skills. Times are changing, each time you do an upgrade in your skill like that, it shift things for you financially. 


There is no substitute for hard work. If you are going to create wealth, you must understand that wealth is not for the lazy man. It is for diligent and visionary people, who will pursue their dreams and visions, and puts the required efforts to make it happen.


Save money so as to invest. Saving is absolutely critical. One of the habit of the highly successful people and wealthy people is that, they don’t spend all their money. While they are working to increase their income, they are also working to lower their expenses. Learn to save some and then invest. Buy some piece of land and properties. It would be a good idea to have the knowledge of the stock market, because it’s good to invest there also or you might just find someone that is about to start a new business but does not have capital. And it’s not enough to invest, you must know what to look out for. Character is important. If you are going to give your money to someone, you had better be sure of the person integrity and competency, in the the area of the financial sector that he or she function in. 

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