See what side chick wants a man to do to his family within a week

SideChick! Stop! Save the Family! See what SideChick needs a guy to do in a week with his mates.

After the talks were leaked, WhatsApp chats between a Side babe and her married boyfriend got several people talking on social media to show how the lady wanted to wreck his life and his family’s.

Indeed, right from the start, certain errors or difficulties in life should be avoided. I think getting a SideChick as an alternate source of happiness in the absence of your wife is one of those concerns. Somehow these side chicks are an alternate source of happiness for most married guys, but some are still ungrateful and willing to kill the families of others. I don’t think it’s recommended that you have a SideChick as a married guy just for the sake of your girls.

In one way or another, SideChicks can be good, but I think men should take care of the bad effect of some of these ladies who are involved only in money but not enjoyment for themselves and others.

Stop them please? If you associate yourself or wish to have one as a substitute to your partner, they are willing to destroy the family you took several years to create. When they come into your world, I don’t think they have anything to say but to distort the future of your precious ones.

A leaked conversation between a guy and his SideChick has got many people chatting with mixed reactions on social media. Some even lambasted the lady for threatening to ruin the man’s family house.

The SideChick told the man according to the chats that for some reasons, she is not happy in the relationship. He asked her the explanation, as usual, men being so kind and caring enough, and all she could say was for the guy to get rid of a week with his own family. She gave the man seven days to do so in order to preserve or extend the relationship, otherwise it would be over between them. She also assured the man that after neglecting his wife and children and marrying, they would create a stronger family together.

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