Things you should know about the female body

The human body is a complex structure and it has the ability to tell you when something is wrong. But you can’t know that without a clear understanding of your body. Similarly, the female body is one mysterious creation on Earth. From enhanced senses to better resistance of illness and diseases. Today, I’ll be sharing some interesting facts about the human body.

1. Female heart beats twice of that of male: Females have a heart which is able to beat two times faster than the male heart. The female heart is smaller than that of male, it beats fast to complement its size.

2. Some women surprisingly have two uteruses: Some women have two uterus! Generally, we have an idea of one uterus which grows during pregnancy but some women are blessed with two. Although it’s abnormality, women with two uterus can get pregnant and deliver the baby normally.

3. Females predicts dangers and threats quicker: Women can predict dangers and have nightmare more often than men. Women are prone to have more bad dreams, feel more anxiety and are aware of threats. This is due to the high levels of various hormones.

.4.. Females live longer than males: On an average, women live more than males. The female body shows healthier behaviour throughout their lives and are more active than males. With all the immunity, emotional behaviour, healthy habits, and activeness, females do live longer than males. Thus, all of this makes them free from different diseases and live longer.

5. Female body suffers from fewer illnesses: Women are less likely to have issues in the senses. Women have less hearing issues, less vision problems and such problems than men. Women also have a great acceptance and realisation towards senses and can prevent such various illnesses related to different diseases.6. The female body is extremely sensitive: Female body is filled with a lot of erogenous zones. Women are more sensitive to touch than men. The female body is far more sensitive than male body due to hormones. The male skin is thicker and thus, less sensitive than female skin. This skin layer of females get sensitive to various aspects like touch, sun, dust and so on

7. Females can differentiate and enjoy the taste of food more than male: Females tongues have more number of taste buds than male tongues. Thus, you enjoy every bite of food. Most of the females are super tasters and have more number of taste buds and red does over their tongues.8. Female body is capable of multitasking: Have you ever wondered how women can get along with so many tasks at a time? The answer to this is corpus callosum located in the brain which is larger on female brain than male. Women can rapidly switch tasks than men

9. Females have colder bodies than male: Female bodies are immensely colder than that of male. Due to hormones and especially due to the formation of the body, women have more tendencies to distribute far and have the fatter layer under the skin. There are various processes like metabolism which creates heat in the body. There metabolic ratios are low in women and thus keeps the body coler10. Females have an amazing memory: Women have more brain power and awesome memory than men! Women tend to remember and recall all the words used frequently and also can remember names, human faces, color and such elements very easily

11. Female hear loud frequencies clearly than males: The female body is able to hear all those loud speakers and music beats quite easily. Or it’s found that women can hear all the high frequency sounds more clearly and amazingly than the males12. Females speak more than male: Finally, we have an answer to why women speak too much. This is simply because they have two word centres and that hells then speak like 8000 words a day, women generally speak about 13000 words than men. The proteins and elements in the female body make women talk more frequently.

13. Women cry more often than men: The reason behind this is the female hormone! The female reproductive hormones make women more emotional and cry very often. On an average, women cry 30-60 times per year, while men cry around 6-17 times approximately.

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