Say this Bible portion in the morning and experience miracle in your life

The expression of God is a light for my path and there is a particular bit that performs Miracles for me whenever I say it. 

Nobody who put his or expectation in God will be humiliated. The good book contains the expression of God and it is a precious blessing many individuals don’t have the foggiest idea. 

Whenever I need an assistance from God, there are certain parts that I say and my heart wants will be granted by God almighty. 

I say the Bible part underneath with faith and God always act the hero. 

(2nd Corinthians 4:16-17) 

“For this reason we never become discouraged. Even though our physic being is gradually decaying, yet our spiritual being is renewed day after day. And this small and temporary trouble we suffer will bring us a tremendous and eternal glory, much greater than the trouble”. 

My name is Rita and I am a Christian. 

As I would see it, Brothers and sisters, in the event that you need a favor from God, always say the book of scriptures section above because miracles happen in my life whenever I say it. 

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