How to turn cassava peels into animal feed

Cassava feed is now one of the common waste your can turn into a money-making business. Unfortunately, many people don’t know about this potential money-making business, and they end up throwing them away. In this article, I will be sharing how you can start making money by turning cassava peels into animal feed for animals like pigs, poultry, cattle, and goats.

How to turn cassava peels into animal feed:

1. Get enough cassava roots, you can also source the peels for those who are into cassava farming. Gather as many bags of cassava peels as you can and you are ready for business.

2. Peel the cassava roots.

3. After peeling, wash the peels to remove sand and dirt.

4. The next step is to dry the cassava peels. You can sun dry, though it may take days to become dried completely.

5. Mash or grind the cassava peels into a fine powder.

Your animal feed is ready!

Remember that in marketing, packing is everything. Package it well and sell to earn some good money for yourself.

Published by Ernest I.

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