4 Things to avoid about women if you want to live long

As a man, the first purpose in life is to live and do things for a long time. For one reason, every human being on earth is obligated to do so before you leave the planet. Because of one faintness or another, some men could not achieve their target. Women suffer from certain deficiencies. When you look at the world today, you’ll see more widows than widows. One of the reasons why most widowers have remarried is that too much work and pressure kills a man. Some die of women’s problems, and I will advise people to always disregard or avoid these things from surviving in women for a long time.

To be avoided are things;

I’m going to start with your bachelorhood.

1. Stop dragging a kid with other guys.

I’m not comfortable with the idea of if you love her, fight back.” Why is a guy going to fight a girl on Earth? She wouldn’t have fallen into another man’s arms if she loved you. Not the only girl on earth, but you know you’re going to be seen by a better guy than her. It’s easier to let her go rather than try to get her back. You would end up being assassinated or probably murdered during the battle. Get this to avoid it. To stop it, read.

2. Avoid jealousy.

Envy/Jealousy more than one could imagine killing the spirit. Only place your spirit in emotional trauma, as each man around you sees jealously. Only because she was drawn to you, just like other guys. Try to note she’s a woman, she will always have men around her because you still date her. Some men may be jealous enough to calm down before they kill themselves with envy if the girl calls from other men every time they are angry. Nobody will take her from you, whatever if there is a love, whatever they try.

3. Avoid her nagging.

Of course, some women in the area are blessed because of their temper, and if you understand, this is significant. It doesn’t just mean you have to make it or even begin to nag about it just because they’re nagging. As a guy, any time she begins to nag, you still have to act. Just try to remember that she gets agitated and doesn’t relax until her temper. I’ll urge you to leave the building if it starts triggering your own wrath. When you go home a few minutes, buy something from her, and all that will end. Life doesn’t have duplicates, so don’t get confused. I’ve got many men who died from domestic abuse, I’m sure you’ve seen it too. There’s no gain to your wife’s fight, so try to stop it.

4. Be careful with your female children. 

You are always happy to give them when they grow up, but when they grow up, you must realize that you will not be able to handle 100 percent again. Set them down and talk to them wisely when you see that they are starting to go the wrong way. Just avoid early burial and don’t push it if it lasts. The best teacher is also practice. You may know that life isn’t a bed of roses if you experience a little bit of life.

I saw it sometimes because the man doesn’t wish to make everybody bow to him that girls are killing their father. Let her take advantage of the experience when you talk to her with purpose, and she refuses to listen.

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