These are some 10 words only Nigerians will understand and their meaning

In Nigeria my country, there are word in which we use to talk or pass information to ourselves and these words are unique and interesting.

Some of there words are gotten from English language but are translated into a more suitable words by we Nigerians a d some are so funny when you ask of the meaning. Most of the words are from the different ethnic groups in Nigerian.

A real Nigerian citizen can never finish his or her sentences without adding any of these word, and these 10 words includes:

1. Abi: This particular one is used as a punctuation. Like we are going to meet Chioma abi?

2. Oya: Oya means hurry up

3. Ehen: Means a lots of things depending on the tone, it may mean before I forget, I get.

4. Jara: This is mainly used in the market sector, after buying two cups of rice you will demand Jara from the seller

5. Abeg: It simply means please

6. Shayo: Not any kind of drinks but alcohol

7. Go slow: This one is Traffic

8. Baff up: It means to grow up

9. Yimu: Is mainly used by the Yoruba’s

10. Trafficate: This one is mainly used by the drivers to remind other driver to turn on the light.

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