These are 4 ways to know a child is not yours without a DNA test

The issue of paternity has become a global thing and in most times it comes from the man, so many men deny children that are claimed to be theirs by ladies, it is quite unfortunate that trust does not exist anymore in relationships, regarding that some ladies do cheat on their partner, well sometimes it is quite hard to know if a child really belong to you, but the surest way is through DNA test which is very expensive, So here are 4 other proven ways to go about it.

1. Eye or hair test: everyone has a pattern in which his or eyes is and also the hair, however it is 70 percent sure that a child will have the pattern of the eyes is father has, as commonly believed that the male has a very strong effect on how a child appears.

2. Genetic characters: if you ever did biology it is a very sure thing that some genes from both parents are passed to their offspring, in this case there will be some physical traits with the parent which the child will also carry.3. Blood type test: this is quite different from DNA but may be part of it, it is just to know that blood type of a the parent and if the child’s own match or takes a combination.

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